Paul   Richards Chair Community Speedwatch (CSW), Footpathsƒ,  
        Traffic Calming/Highways, Village Hall (Trustee), Village Plan e:
Jackie   Allfrey Vice-Chair Allotments, Public/Green SpacesSnape CP School
Tim   Beach Councillor Alde & Ore Community Partnership, CSW, Emergency Planning,  
        Housing Needs projects, Noticeboards, Playing Field,  
        police Safer Neighbourhood Team, Traffic Calming/Highways
Graham   Farrant Councillor dog-bins, Finance, Footpaths ❋ƒPlanning, Vehicle Activated Signs
William   Hough Councillor Finance, Playing Field, Traffic Calming/Highways  
Georgina   Lock Councillor CSW, Housing Needs, Litter Pick, Paintings, Planning, Snape CP School
Margaret   McKenna Councillor Community Speedwatch (CSW)
Maria   Norman Councillor Defibrillator, Good Neighbours, Meet-up-Mondays, Playing Field
Russ   Rainger Councillor Emergency Planning, SALC (Suffolk Association of Local Councils),
        Sizewell Stakeholder Group
    ☞    Only the first-listed Councillor for a particular responsibility is linked above to a relevant webpage.
Marie   Backhouse  Parish Clerk 21 Ferry Road, Orford, Woodbridge, IP12 2NR     t: 01394 450 919     e:
Steve   Stocks Webmaster   e:
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ƒ:  For the official SCC footpaths map of Snape parish, visit our «Contacts» page under "F".
Click here to view a walkers' footpaths map/guide published by the Council: the map/guide can also be downloaded.

Our District Councillors, our County Councillor, Police & Crime Commisioner and our MP are all listed here.