entrance between 23 and 25 The Glebes,  Snape,  IP17 1QF

You can read our 2022 Annual Report to the Annual Parish Meeting, by clicking here.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  Members will have priority and any booking should be on the hour for a maximum of two hours: available 9am to 5pm.  Anyone wishing to "pay and play" should initially contact or text one of the numbers below and, if the Court is available, cash payment can be left at 14 The Glebes  (almost opposite the entrance to the Playing Field).

Please wear appropriate footwear when using the Court.  This is a village amenity, funded by the Village:  please look after it.


12 months' unlimited play
(subject to bookings)
Pay & Play
(per person/hour)
Adult            £40.00               £3.00
Junior (under 20 years)   £20.00   £1.50
Family (including all children under 20 years) £85.00    


Please contact or text either of the following for
information about joining, and for access to the court —
Eddie Gillett
07710 137 619
Tim Beach
07507 491 219


Cheques should be made payable to "Snape Playing Field Committee" ,
whilst for online payments our bank account details are as follows —

a/c name: SNAPE  PLAYINGFIELD    bank sort code: 40-40-20     a/c number: 11014552