(in lieu of Free Travel Bus Passes)

Suffolk County Council recognises that there are a number of people who can't make use of the benefits of
free travel on conventional bus services like other residents do who qualify for and use a free travel pass.  
The Council therefore offers a benefit to those persons in the form of Travel Vouchers up to a value of
£100 per annum.
Click here for Travel Vouchers online renewals, preferably by 5th March 2021 


"Travel vouchers have been introduced for people who qualify for a Suffolk Free Travel Bus Pass but … live in a remote location. ... Vouchers can be exchanged for travel in participating taxis, private hire vehicles and community transport operators, [but] are only valid for journeys that start or finish within the County of Suffolk up to a maximum of £20 in any one trip. ... Vouchers will be issued totalling £100 per scheme year (1st April to 31st March) … on a pro-rata basis according to [when] the application is received."



As our only bus route (First's number 65) doesn't offer return trips at all, such qualifying Snape residents are eligible instead for Vouchers under the "limited access to Public Transport" provision.  Note especially that these Vouchers are NOT valid for travel ANYWHERE on conventional bus services.  They are issued in denominations of £1 and £2.

"Persons applying for and being issued with Travel Vouchers will not be entitled to a bus pass, and will give up their right to have one by accepting to have Vouchers instead.  If you already hold an ENCTS bus pass [with a red rose], this must be returned with your completed application."  

Although it doesn't say so in the instructions, if you are returning your old photo-bus-pass, you don't need to attach a fresh photograph with your application form.

examples of Suffolk CC travel vouchersThe decision to have Travel Vouchers is not irrevocable — you can revert to a Bus Pass in future, for example by completing the form on the back of the annual renewal letter that you receive from the issuers.

To read more, visit (or click on the images, left) and then select the "Travel Voucher scheme" tab.  Within that webpage, select "How do I apply for vouchers?" to download the current application instructions and form.

Select "What services can I use my voucher on?" to download a full list of operators who accept Travel Vouchers.  Operators just now, local to Snape, include A2B, A L Cars of Leiston, CATS and PSC Travel. 

Please understand that, for insurance reasons, our Snape Good Neighbour Scheme cannot accept the Travel Vouchers as reimbursement for lifts.

The 2020/21 vouchers are coloured yellow (for the £1) and beige (for the £2).


Travel Vouchers can only be applied for by post to
SCC Free Travel Bus Pass, PO Box 212, Waterlooville, PO7 6ZN
(though they can be renewed online, as above)
If you have any queries, you can ring ☏ 0345 6000 659.