CATEGORY DESCRIPTION     (incl. electricity) | DEPOSIT Click here to download a list of   
Group A Regular groups offering leisure, educational, \  / (under 30 people) £7.00 per hour  
  community or sport activities /  \ (30 people and over) £9.00 per hour  
  Local fund-raising events     £7.00 per hour   ⬇︎
              Click here to download the Village Hall's Terms and Conditions
Group B Children’s day parties     £40 per 4 hours   £40
  Young people's and Adults' parties     £60 per 4 hours   £60
Group C Weddings – paid 7 days in advance     £200 per day   £60 Click here to download a
Group D Commercial lettings or business meetings, e.g. craft fairs £10 per hour   £60
Group E Funeral Wakes     £50 per 4 hours   £50 Click here to return or go to the
Group F Elections     £200 per day  
☞  We recognise that costs are important for small groups, so half-hour intervals in the Main Hall will be charged pro rata
(e.g. one and a half hours for regular local groups would be £10.50).
The Committee Room upstairs is charged at £4.00 per hour for local groups and £5.00 for business use.
Maximum number of people is 20, and any use of the kitchen is to be agreed in advance with the Bookings Secretary.
Unfortunately, the upstairs room does not have wheelchair access.
For the Booking Secretary's contact details, and key-collection arrangements, please visit the Committee page.
A notice in the car park reads