Church of St John the Baptist

Church of St John the Baptist, Snape, IP17 1QW

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Visitors from all over the world, as the entries to the visitors’ book indicate, come to Snape Church.  They and those who follow them, whether local residents or holidaymakers, are most welcome whether they come to services or merely to enjoy the calm and peace of their surroundings.
The Church is open to visitors during daylight hours.  See here about its history

The monthly service pattern of worship at Snape Church is usually:

Every Friday morning at 9:00 am — Morning Prayer

Second Sunday in the month at 9:30 am — Holy Communion (CW)

Fourth Sunday in the month at  8:00 am — Holy Communion (BCP)

Fifth Sunday in the month at 6:30 pm — Choral Evensong

Details of any changes to the above, and mid-week services, can be found in the insert to the monthly Alde River Benefice magazine Ebb and Flow,
on the Church noticeboard and on the Parish noticeboards in the village — the location of each board is marked on our Map 2 with an "N".
The next Choral Evensong and any extra services also appear in the What's On section of this website.

Other principal Benefice services on Sundays are listed here.


         (All churches are within 5 miles/8km of Snape Bridge.) ©Sfk  
            W3W Chs  
St John the Baptist Farnham Road/Church Road corner Snape IP17   1QW map info ⬇︎
St Mary's (Benhall) Deadmans Lane Benhall IP17   1JL map info  
St Peter's Church Road Blaxhall IP12   2DW map info  
St Mary's (Farnham) Church Hill Farnham IP17   1LA map info  
All Saints The Street Great Glemham IP17   2DA map info  
St Andrew's Church Road Little Glemham IP13   0BH map info  
St Mary Magdalene Church Hill Sternfield IP17   1RS map info  
REDUNDANT 1992, now a private residence              
St Andrew's Great Glemham Road Stratford St Andrew IP17   1LJ map info  
Rector / Chair Rev. Rachel   Cornish e:   t: 01728 768 136
      The Rectory, Gt Glemham Road, Stratford St Andrew, Saxmundham, IP17 1LJ
Churchwarden Brian   Boulton Old School House, Farnham Road, Snape, IP17 1QW   t: 01728 688 999
Secretary Graham   Woodcock e:   t: 01728 688 705
Treasurer Alan   Edwards e:   t: 01728 688 502
Benefice Adminstrator Ann   Boulter e:   t: 01728 831 485
Benefice Safeguarding Officers and the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser are listed on the noticeboard by the Church gate.


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