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Snape Good Neighbour Scheme logo, which appears on Volunteers' passes

During the coronavirus emergency, we're using all our resources on befriending and food/prescription collection, but, whilst maintaining social distancing, sadly we can't provide non-essential help,  such as gardening.  Instead, our priorities now are operating the "buddy" network, and — in parallel with any web-blogs — the provision of information and acting as a central point of contact for the whole village.

Our 'Meet Up Mondays' sessions are of course suspended until the Government restrictions are eventually lifted.

Always be sure that anyone who you don't know, but who acts as if they are a Snape Good Neighbour, carries a valid photo-ID (an example of which can be viewed here) with the logo shown above.  Our genuine Volunteers are, of course, all DBS-checked, and will NEVER object to you checking their identity via the phone number above.



Since the start of lockdown, Snape Good Neighbours have been tirelessly working to help our Residents with befriending, shopping, prescription collection, hospital trips, even clearing guttering!  Thanks to the generosity (both provisions and money) from Snape residents, we managed to fully stock the Village Larder each week.

Unfortunately, we had to temporarily suspend Meet-Up-Monday due to Covid restrictions.  However, all those lovely people who used to attend our group have been talked to, either on their doorstep or by phone on a Monday morning.

Each one of these people have been delivered a pot planted with Oxeye Daisy seeds to nurture over the Winter months.  A big thank-you to Ladybird Nurseries for donating pots and soil, and to GreenSnape for the seeds.  In the Spring, these daisies will be planted in the village verges, increasing the biodiversity and providing a colourful display. 

On the left, is Jane Ling with the seeds delivered to her.

If you require help, please contact SGNS by leaving a message on the phone number at the head of this page.