Village Difibrillator

The village obtained a defibrillator a couple of months ago, it’s being housed temporarily in the village hall cupboard.

The Golden Key have kindly offered, with Adnam’s support, to have the defibrillator permanently mounted outside of the pub, however we need to purchase a special housing that will provide secure access to the defibrillator and allow it to be constantly charged. Unfortunately this housing doesn’t come cheap and to that ends a collection jar has been placed on the Golden Key bar, any donations are gratefully received. This will lead to a valuable village resource becoming available to all villagers and visitors to Snape.


Should the need arise in the meantime and you need to use the defibrillator please call:

Janet on mobile 07718 584052 home 01728 688599
Tina mobile 07896 260502  home 01728 688116

Once the defibrillator is permanently installed we’ll post more details regarding its use.

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