Speeding through Snape

speedSpeeding through Snape remains an important safety issue. The Parish Council bought VAS devices last year which indicate speed to drivers to help persuade them to drive responsibly within the limit, but these systems also record traffic speed. Unfortunately we have had some technical issues concerning the battery life of the signs, however we expect them to be reinstated shortly. In the meantime analysis of the vehicle speeds being recorded clearly demonstrates the scale of issues that we face. From random samples taken while the devices were located on the A1094 Aldeburgh road it is evident that the majority of vehicles are exceeding the speed limit, the fastest recorded in the samples taken was 75mph in a 30mph zone.

Understanding the Data

The graph below shows the data from one day, Saturday 21st May 2016. Each dot shows the speed of an individual vehicle when it is initially detected by the VAS with the time of day shown across the bottom and the speed on the left.


It is immediately clear that the majority of dots (vehicles) are above the red 30mph line; it can also be seen that one driver though it acceptable to drive though at 75mph (two and a half times the speed limit) just after midnight on the left. Any reduction of speed by the vehicle after its initial detection is unfortunately not recorded, but informal observation of traffic behaviour suggests that having the signs in place does cause most drivers to reduce their speed.

Looking at the Numbers

The figures break down like this:

Total vehicles 2224  
30mph or less 617 28%
Speed > 30 1607 72%
Speed >= 35 784 35%
Speed >= 40 296 13%
Speed >= 50 41 2%
Speed >= 60 1 0%

The Parish Council continues to seek ways of reducing speeding though discussion with Suffolk County Council’s Highways division. Suggestions or support in maintaining the VAS signs (periodically changing their batteries and the sign locations) would be very welcome. If you  are interested please do come along to a Parish Council meeting or contact the clerk for more information. The VAS devices are expected to be reinstated shortly.

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