Snape Village Hall AGM, 11th May 2017

Report from the Chair

This report will start the same as last year in that it’s been another busy year for the village hall and we have once again achieved what we set out to do in terms of the refurbishment plan.

We must start by thanking TJ Haworth-Culf and Maureen Jones for their support with new flooring in the kitchen and female cloakroom. This has made a huge difference. Unfortunately, although the floor is very hard wearing it is very difficult to clean, so we would not be recommending its use elsewhere!!

Improved lighting in the car park was on last year’s list of things to do, following a request from a hall user. This has been successfully completed.

Other improvements have included the purchase of 8 round tables and some additional chairs from Brandeston Village hall. These have proved to be an excellent purchase and have been very popular at the coffee mornings as well as weddings and other functions.

We have also improved the facilities in the upstairs room thanks to a donation of furniture from Suffolk Coastal District Council following their move to new premises. Another thank you to TJ for the tip off!! The room is now in regular use as a meeting room as well as hosting a Knit and Natter group and Craft group.

TJ and Maureen (SCDC) also provided a grant for a new Kitchen door which is on order and will be fitted in the near future. A further grant application has been made to the Red Nose fund for a new Fire Exit door at the bottom of the stairs.

Still outstanding is improving the surface of the front car park. We now have 2 quotes for this work, the 2nd of which was double the first so we may need to rethink our proposal! Grant money will definitely need to be applied for in order to complete the work to a decent standard. This will be a priority for this coming year.

In the last year we have sadly lost the village shop! However, we are pleased that the village hall has been able to host the sale of newspapers as well as the post office. Although neither are currently providing any financial input to the hall, the hall is providing a much needed facility for local residents.

The hall is in use daily and bookings are on the increase thanks to Janet’s enthusiasm. We must once again thank both Janet and Peter for all the hours they put in behind the scenes fixing things, showing potential customers round and managing the bookings but most of all clearing up the mess which is often left behind and switching off lights and heating etc. Glass bottles being the biggest bug bare! They are definitely unpaid caretakers for which we are very grateful!

Once again, the committee has been enthusiastic and supportive. Our membership has changed in the last year in that Elaine and Neil both moved away from the village. Neil still supports from a distance as he continues to manage the village website for which we are very grateful. We are however fortunate in that Caroline Meffan has joined us on the committee and is keen to be involved. Caroline, you are very much welcomed into the fold! We must also officially welcome Liz Jarrett to her first AGM and thank her for taking over the treasurer’s role from Rachael part way through the year. Much appreciated. Liz managed the steep learning curve to get to grips with the books and balance them to the penny. Well done Liz and thank you. Liz has set up an electronic system which is much easier view and it reconciles itself! We must also thank Alan Edwards for once again providing an independent examination of the accounts. Much appreciated Alan. Further thanks must go to Alison and David Robertson who every month provide the milk and biscuits for the coffee mornings and work tirelessly in the kitchen to keep the show on the road. Their support doesn’t go unnoticed and we are very grateful to them both.

Our main fundraising continues to be the monthly coffee mornings which are still well attended. Unfortunately we had to cancel the broadside boys and didn’t manage to organise another quiz night in the last year. Hopefully this year? If anyone would like to take on the role of fundraising events organiser??? Let me know!

Snape Village Hall made the local news earlier in the year when it became the most used and well organised emergency hub in the county at the time of the potential storm surge in January. The hall was buzzing with our own local team of emergency volunteers as well as coastguards, police and local residents both wanting and providing support. It was an amazingly well supported event and showed the strength of this fantastic community which we are fortunate to be part of. More importantly for this management committee it demonstrated the need for a vibrant and well supported Village Hall which we are lucky to have. Well done to everyone who continues to make this a reality!

Thank you.

Caroline Beach

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