Snape remembers the Somme

Somme 2016At 7.30am on the morning of July 1st 1916 the initial attacks were launched in what would become known as “The Battle of the Somme”. The battle would last until 18th November 1916 and in those 131 days there were nearly 600,00 Commonwealth and 540,000 German casualties. The Snape memorial remembers 30 local men who gave their lives for our freedom in the First World War. Of those 30, 9 died in the Battle of the Somme. Their names, and the dates they fell, are recorded below.

To commemorate the anniversary of the start of the Battle members of the Snape and Farnham Branch of the Royal British Legion sounded as series of whistle signals through the village at 07.30am on Friday 1st July 2016, the time the whistles sounded for the men to go ‘over the top’.

Please take a moment to consider the thoughts and feelings of those who heard it in their trenches 100 years ago, and remember their sacrifice for our freedom.


Fredrick Bone


William Berry

Daniel Gant

Daniel Gant


Name Rank Number Battalion Regiment Fallen
Bone Fredrick Private 20211 7th Battalion Suffolk Regiment 03 July 1916
Ridgeon Nelson Private 3/10008 8th Battalion Suffolk Regiment 18 July 1916
Gant Daniel Private 3297 4th Battalion Suffolk Regiment 20 July 1916
Haile William Robert Private 3324 4th Battalion Suffolk Regiment 28 July 1916
Smith John Private 18702 4th Battalion Suffolk Regiment 18 August 1916
Smith Alfred Private 13367 9th Battalion Suffolk Regiment 13 September 1916
Last Harry James Rifleman 302072 1st/5th Battalion London Regiment 09 October 1916
Hudson Herbert Private 14492 8th Battalion Suffolk Regiment 04 November 1916
Berry William Charles Russell Corporal 14225 2nd Battalion Suffolk Regiment 13 November 1916


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