Annual Parish Meeting Minutes April 2015


Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Monday 20 April 2015, 7.30 pm, in the village hall.

Present: Cllr Malcolm Varley – Acting Chairman, Cllr Andrew Wilmot, Cllr Mike Hill, Cllr Eddie Gillett, Cllr David Abbott, Cllr Marion Walker, Cllr Russell Rainger, Cllr Matt Roberts, Cllr Bill Hough & Cllr Graham Woodcock.

In Attendance: SCC Andrew Reid, SCDC Phillip Dunett, the Clerk, and 49 members of the public.


Cllr Tim Beach. Caroline Beach – Chairman Village Hall Management Committee, Maggie Scott – Tea & Chat, Reverend Mandy Reynolds – Snape PCC, Phillip Mathews – RBL, Roger Wright – Executive Aldeburgh Music,
PCSO Thora Taylor.


Copies have been made available to the public. Brenda McConkey pointed out the incorrect spelling of her surname, the Clerk corrected it. The minutes were then approved by all, proposed Cllr Hill seconded Cllr Wilmot.


a. Traffic Calming.

The Chairman updated the public, site meeting took place in March with Highways, Councillors & public. The recommendations put forward by Highways is for 2 posts to be installed on the A1094 and 2 posts on the B1069, 2 Vehicle Activated Signs could be purchased and alternated between the 2 roads and posts. Clean & repaint the village gateways (cost £1200) and to paint 30mph signs onto the road, “Kill Your Speed” signs also to be installed. The total cost for this is approx. £7000. The Parish Council has approx. £5335 for traffic calming so far. Cllr Andrew Reid has already said that he will make up the shortfall with his funds, he will be giving £2000 the amount he was asked for by the PC (however he has now added that he has more money if needed). Time scale for the posts to be installed is expected to be end of July. At the AGM the Parish Council to agree upon which VAS and to place order for 2. They will be battery operated and the PC can move them from post to post themselves. Members of the public asked the Parish Council to consider saving £1200 to clean & repaint the village gateways and for the village to carry this out themselves at the cost of a couple of tins of paint. The Clerk will contact Highways to see if it would be permitted by them.

Member of the public suggested that the B1069 is far more of a concern and should be concentrated on. Do not include the A1094 in this phase therefore save money. However other members of the public who live on the A1094 do not agree with this statement, the A1094 is also a priority as it is a very fast road.
Suffolk County Council has no money in the pot for any traffic calming, it is upto the village to pay. Some village residents have already raised £1600 from fund raising events and they wish for their money to be used just for the B1069, would be pleased to raise more money, other traffic calming also needs to be looked at for the B1069 and more money could be raised.

The Chairman informed that the Parish Council has already agreed to go ahead to purchase the 4 posts and 2 signs, it is important that the Parish Council is seen to be making a difference for the village. More funds have been promised from Hopkins Homes once the next stage of the development on Church Road has been finished. At which time a meeting could be arranged to discuss the next stage of traffic calming. Zebra Crossing opposite school, could cost in the region of £40,000, look at this in the future.

Member of the public suggests that the statistics of VAS show that some vehicles speed up just to make the VAS flash. Cllr Andrew Reid informed that the PC would need to ask for police presence in the village to monitor this.

The Parish Council are putting together a “Village Action Plan”, a speed watch group could be formed, speed gun can be purchased and shared with other villages and used for speed monitoring in Snape ourselves. A group could be formed to steer this forward. The Chairman invited members of the public to sign up on the sheet provided if they are interested and any other suggestions should be written on the sheet also.


Reported that it is the 5th year in a row that SCC has been able to freeze the Council Tax. £130 million savings over the past 4 years. Better Broadband is taking effect in Suffolk. The Enterprise Partnership will create more apprenticeships and find more jobs for young people. The countries first dedicated youth employment centre opened in December at Ipswich, MyGo. Norfolk waste management has made a landmark deal between Norfolk & Suffolk, both councils will make savings of around £1 million each. Offsted reports have shown Suffolk schools to be “inadequate”. Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service celebrated 40 years service. The Locality Budget will still be available and in addition to this there will alsobeanEnablingCommunitiesFund. Secretaryofstateiswarmingtotheideatoabypassforthearea.

Member of the public thinks that the Mygo is a fantastic service, but how can it be of use for out skirting towns & villages, it should be made accessible to all. Cllr Reid will look into this and report back to the Clerk.
Member of the public encouraged him to give more funding towards the traffic calming.
The Chairman thanked Cllr Reid for all he has done for Snape in the past.


Informed that Chief Executive of Aldeburgh Music, Roger Wright apologies that he was unable to attend the meeting due to another commitment at short notice. Harry summerised Aldeburgh Music before 1 April 2015. In 2014 the Gooderham family was looking to sell Snape Maltings having owned it for 50 years. In 2006 Aldeburgh Music purchased the 999 year lease for 40% of the site and has worked well together since then. Aldeburgh Music seemed like the natural custodians to take over the rest of the site. It included 50,000 sq mtrs of derelict buildings to be converted and to acquire the retail shops and staff also the freehold of apartments/accommodation. With the support of the Arts Council they managed to get together the funds to carry out the purchase. Further funding will be needed in the future to convert the derelict buildings. A Retail Director will be recruited to replace Johnny Gooderham.

Harry would love to attend another meeting in the future to discuss more plans for the site and he welcomes suggestions/ideas, please pass them onto him.
Members of the public suggests expanding the role of the arts, already cover poetry, dance, musician, but would probably not make a theatre. Could a dance studio or portable dance floor be considered? Harry said this could be possible. Consider the use of the concert hall for a wider range of music as it is not used all the year round. Might consider pocket music festivals during the year. Parking and flow of traffic in and out of the Maltings does cause difficulties and chaos after concerts. Could the Maltings link with the village to help with this? Harry is willing to join a focus group.


The Chairman read out the report (copy attached). Highlighted that crimes have increased by 6 from the last year, particularly burglaries.


Reported that he is coming to the end of his 4 year term. Restructuring of SCDC means that 55 Councillors will be cut down to 42 and changes to 2 boundaries. Snape will become part of the Aldeburgh Ward. He is hopeful that he will represent the Saxmundham Ward. No increase in Council Tax. Community Enabling Budget has been used in Snape for the village hall and emergency plan, more will be available again once the new council comes on board. Glass recycling has been looked at in the past, but due to glass contamination it is no longer carried out. He will look at the implications of reducing the village envelope in Snape and let the Clerk know.

He thanked Snape for all the support over the past 4 years. The Chairman thanked Cllr Dunnet for all he has done for Snape and wished him well.


He has redeveloped a new website to replace the old one. It is very user friendly and has been made easy for people in the village to contribute themselves. Categories include news, events, information inc. emergency plan. Live information on weather warnings and flood levels.


She informed that she will be leaving the school in August after 15 years as head teacher. Snape is lucky enough to have an exceptional school and has great support from the community and the parents. 42 pupils and has just come 9th place in the primary hockey finals. Since 2012 the school has also accommodated the 9 to 11 year olds, due to the closure of middle schools. 2015 a new classroom is being built and should be ready in September. Snape and Benhall primary schools will be working closely together and Mr Gallagher will be the executive in charge of both schools.

Mrs Skinner thanked everyone for the support which the school has received. The Chairman thanked her for all she has done for the school.


Reports where read out from Royal British Legion, Carpet Bowls, Snape Parochial Church Council, Snape School Governors, Tea and Chat, Snape Playing Field Committee, Snape WI, Village Hall Management Committee, Snape Parent School Association and the Woodland Group. (Copies of all the reports are available from the Clerk).


Given by the Clerk. (copy available on request).


Acting Chairman – Malcolm Varley

Thanked all who have joined the various groups which are working with the Parish Council on such issues as traffic calming, emergency plan and the Snape website to make the village a better place. Making progress towards the first stage of installing some traffic calming measures. As more funds become available it is planned to carry out further improvements as advised by the Highways Department. Since the flooding that followed the tidal surge in December 2013, an emergency plan has been created. There was a formal launch of the emergency plan in December 2014 and it was formally adopted by the Parish Council. Information is available on the village website together with a live link to the flood warning system operated by the Environment Agency. The Parish Council is now represented on the Alde and Ore Partnership and will play an active part in that group seeking to improve flood resilience in the Snape area in conjunction with the statutory agencies, Aldeburgh Music and Tunstall PC.

The new Snapewebsite, as presented by Neil Parsons is now live. Minutes of the Parish Council meetings will be published on the website. Thanked Neil Parsons for his time and commitment in developing and maintaining the website. A Village Action Plan is currently being developed by the PC and will show targets and how well the PC is progressing with them. Welcomed any suggestions to be included in the plan from residents.

Unfortunately will be losing 3 long serving councillors, Eddie Gillett, Andy Wilmot and David Abbott. Thanked them for all their contributions over many years of service. Welcome to new councillor Mary James who will come into office 12 May. There will be 2 vacancies to fill on the Parish Council.

Thanked the Parish Clerk for her work throughout the year.

a. Village Litter Pick. Cllr Mike Hill informed that this will take place on 25 April, volunteers needed.

The Meeting ended at 9.45pm.

Date of next meeting, Annual General Meeting, Monday 18 May, 7.30pm at Snape School.


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