Priory Wood’s Winter Boost!

Priory Wood

Priory Wood

Snape’s Woodland Group has recently been delighted to receive three separate donations of trees for Priory Wood plus a fantastic gift of £200 from Snape’s Carol Singers following their successful nights out raising money for good causes.

We have received a award of 105  trees from the Woodland Trust. These we have mainly planted these very young whips along the boundary to improve the hedging density. The particular selection of trees we selected was described by the Trust as follows:

In our ‘wildlife’ themed tree pack you’ll get oak trees plus trees which are great sources of food for wildlife – hawthorn, rowan, blackthorn, silver birch and hazel. These packs are free for schools and community groups to plant on school grounds and public (or publicly accessible) land, where they’ll grow and provide people with enjoyment for generations. Wildlife will thank you, too!

In the last few days a Snape resident kindly donated us 9 more trees, this time they were larger specimens and included a couple of cherry trees which we’ve planted by the ‘pond’ area to brighten that area up in the spring and a walnut tree as well as some beeches.

We have also received and planed five fruit trees from the ‘Scattered Orchards’ initiative being run by Suffolk Coast & Heaths. We think having some fruiting trees on the site will add another dimension and allow people to do a bit of scrumping in years to come!

The aim of the ‘Scattered Orchard’ project is to plant 5 traditional varieties of fruit or nut tree in Parishes in the
AONB. Suffolk and Essex once had many traditional orchards, but these are now disappearing from the landscape. Planting small groups of traditional fruit or nut trees on publicly accessible land means people can benefit from the trees. People can enjoy the blossm in the spring and eat the fruit/nuts in the autumn. The trees will not only provide habitats for a variety of wildlife, they will also bring people together for a community project which will be there for future generations to enjoy.

John Warmingham

John, almost caught working…

The wood is now getting close to full – it has really taken off in the last three years or so and begins to look more like a wood than the bare field it was not so very long ago!

Many thanks to all our contributors and supporters


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