Snape Community Emergency Plan

In response to the severe flooding in the village in December 2013, Snape Community Group and the Parish Council have put in place an Emergency Plan so that the community of Snape can help each other in the event of an emergency.

The role of the Emergency Plan

The Emergency Plan is triggered by a call from the Emergency Services or a Severe Flood Warning. The plan is run by volunteer local Emergency Co- ordinators whose contact details are shown below.

When an emergency happens the co-ordinators will:

  • Liaise with the Emergency Services to ensure that Snape receives effective support when needed. This will involve advising the Emergency Services of the situation in the village and what support is needed and who will need it.
  • Provide immediate local support to residents. • Co-ordinate the local volunteer response.

On an ongoing basis they will:

  • Assess local problems that may arise in the event of an emergency such as a major incident or a natural disaster.
  • Seek to identify vulnerable local residents who may require assistance.
  • Identify residents who have skills or equipment which can be used in the event of an emergency
  • Plan for action which can be taken locally such as providing shelter, first aid and support for individuals and families in the village and liaison for emergency and other services.

 The Emergency Services and Local Authorities have statutory responsibilities to carry out their roles and functions. Anything done by local volunteers is in support of the Emergency Services and in no way supersedes them

The Emergency Co-ordinators are as follows:-

    24 hour contact
Tim Beach (Chair) Landline
01728 689136
07507 491219
Peter Wyllie Landline
01728 688574
07802 424360
Sarah Gallagher Landline
01728 688923
07837 834137
Graham Farrant Landline 01728 688620
Brian Boulton Landline 01728 688999
Russell Rainger Landline 01728 688739
David Robertson Landline 01728 688577
Steve Stocks Landline
01728 687796
07952 244352

The Emergency Plan operates a ‘telephone tree’. Your initial contact should be with an Emergency Co-ordinator and they will relay the situation to the relevant volunteers.


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