Parish Council Minutes – November 2015


Minutes of the Snape Parish Council Meeting, held on Monday, 30 November 2015,

7.00pm in the Village Hall.

Present:– Cllr Malcolm Varley – Chairman, Cllr Tim Beach – Vice Chairman, Cllr Bill Hough, Cllr Graham Woodcock, Cllr Russell Rainger, Cllr Matt Roberts, Cllr Marion Walker, Cllr Mike Hill, Cllr Neil Parsons &. Cllr Helen Stuart.

In Attendance: 5 members of the public and the Clerk.


SCC Andrew Reid reported on Education, GCSE results have been released for Suffolk schools, 16 years olds have performed well. Increasing number of Suffolk schools are rated by Offsted as Good or Better. The 2nd Suffolk Skills Show took place in October where local business’ exhibited. An extra £25 million grant money is available for schools in the county, to be used to help disadvantaged students.

Discussions continue for Sizewell C and EDF. £500,000 has been set aside to make a case to discuss a 4 villages bypass and designated as a matter of importance. Also looking for contributions from EDF, Department of Transport and LEP.

Asked if there might be possibilities also for discussions of a D2 link? Cllr Reid replied that studies have been done to see if a link road from the A12 to Sizewell would be an economic benefit.

The Chairman thanked Cllr Reid for his help with funding the 2 VAS. Highlighted the fact that there have now been 2 fatal accidents involving vehicles colliding into the Crown pub. The village is raising funds to purchase 2 more VAS, asked Cllr Reid to consider a further donation. Cllr Reid suggested that he will wait to hear the particular circumstances of the recent accidents before he commits to further funding. He acknowledges that there is still a problem with speeding down Snape hill, he will look at his financial budgets, but he has 12 other requests to look at also.

Cllr Roberts believes that it is the shape of the road which relates to the accidents. Cllr Reid does not think that changing the layout of the road at the Crown would make any significant changes to speeding. Moving the VAS around the village reminds people of the speed they are travelling and this does work. He will take the PC concerns back to Highways to see if they can suggest any other methods which may work.

He suggested that the PC asked Highways to come and inspect the location, CC Cllr Reid.

Sir Edward Greenwell, Chairman of the Alde & Ore Estuary Partnership.

Sir Edward outlined the draft Estuary Plan which had been constructed by the AOEP and was published on line as part of the consultation process for the plan .He highlighted that Snape was now the number one priority within the plan and remained at significant risk of flooding without further work. The consultation has been carried out regarding flood defenses along the estuary and the period for consultation ended on the 17th December. Snape, Orford, Aldeburgh are all at risk and the plan will included an assessment of the local economy, infrastructure, farmland and roads. A plan has now been outlined that is intended to provide greater protection for Snape to survive flooding of a 1 in 200 year event in 2050. The cost of this is estimated to be £10 million for the whole estuary. He did not know how much the government will put towards this but there will be a need to raise the majority of the money locally through the AOEP. Funds need to be raised and therefore plots of building land outside the village envelopes are being considered for raising money. He informed that parishes will be consulted on such sites and asked that Snape supports the Plan. He could not confirm at this point which areas of land had been looked along the river in terms of planning and was not in a position to be exact about the mechanism for raising and managing the monies raised at this point.

Members of the public informed that they are interested in the planning items on the agenda.

The Chairman read out the report received from the PCSO for October. Further to the PC request for speed checks to be carried out in the village, this has been done in two locations, near Snape Primary School and by The Crown. Due to the nature of our high viz presence drivers became very well behaved and only 2 vehicles were caught doing 38mph and 40mph respectively. Previous to that, in Feb/March, 2015, an SDR was set up to gather speed data by The Crown, as it had been brought to the police attention that vehicles going towards Snape Maltings, were speeding out of the village.

Cllr Haworth-Culf has emailed her report, which the Clerk has forward to all.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE. Cllr Mary James – Holiday. SCDCs Haworth-Culf and Jones.

2. DECLARATION OF INTERESTS. Cllr Mike Hill – School. Cllr Roberts – Planning.

3. MINUTES: To consider the approval of the minutes of the last meeting held on 12 October 2015 (attached).

Approved by all, proposed Councillor Roberts seconded Cllr Beach.


a. Traffic Calming. The Clerk informed that she has put in a request to Highways for the invoice and warranties for the 2 new VAS, as neither has yet been received. Robin Warne has informed that the order for painting the village gateways & 30mph painted signs along with installing the 2 posts has been placed (two or three weeks ago). It takes Keir 14 weeks from the order being placed. Also, for information, all the road markings are to be renewed. Clerk to chase this CC Cllr Reid.

Cllr Parsons would like to propose that the PC should approve use of its reserves to immediately purchase two additional VAS devices in order to enable permanent deployments in the 30MPH zones on both the A1094 and the B1069. The Chairman suggests that once a PC finance committee and highways committee is set up, then this can be looked at. The village fundraisers are happy to allocate approx. £1600 towards the purchase of 2 more VAS. Cllr Parsons suggests that the PC could raise more funds so that the purchase can be made.


b. SCDC Planning – Reports back from councillors who attended recent workshops. Cllr Roberts informed that planning applications are to be electronic, no more paper plans will be sent out to Parish Councils. The PC needs to set up a planning committee to consider applications, as only 21 days will be given to respond from notification, this could be a major issue. The Clerk informed that she has registered on the SCDC website, therefore she will be sent regular planning notifications and will help Cllrs Roberts & Woodcock to register also. The new SCDC process will be reviewed annually.

c. Cars parking on highway, entrance to The Glebes and The Street. Further to members of the PC meeting with Robin Warne from Highways he has confirmed that the Highway Code states that you are not allowed to park within 10 metres of a junction. To have double yellow lines painted on this section to remind people of this restriction, the Highways Dept would have to raise a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO), which would be a costly and slow process. The TRO notification has to be subject to consultation period of 21 days. If there is no objection it can go ahead. If there are objections, then it becomes an even more expensive and lengthy process while they try and resolve objections. The cost of a TRO can be in the region of £5000. Cost is usually born by the Parish Council, although in some circumstances the Council makes partial contribution. In light of the cost and the likelihood that the double yellow line restrictions would not necessarily be effective without police enforcement, Grahame proposed that in the first instance the Parish Council should have some official looking signs made informing drivers that they are not allowed to park there, quoting the relevant Highway Code reference. If placed on the Green, not on Highway property, then there would be no objections from the Highways Department. Encourage residents to ring 101 and report any parking at the junctions.

Cllr Hill asked about the possibility of a mini roundabout at the Glebes/ B road junction. Robin Warne said that the cost and nature of such a junction might not be appropriate on this road. A similar one was built at Pier Avenue in Southwold recently, so he said he would find out how much that had cost for comparative purposes.

d. Queens 90th Birthday Celebrations. Cllr Beach informed that the village hall committee may be prepared to organise an event, which the PC and village could be part of. The Clerk will put an item in the Ebb N Flow asking for a group to take this event forward. He will ensure the village hall is kept free for the weekend of the 11/12 June.

e. Playing Field/Tennis Court Funding. Cllr Beach reported that he has successfully got a grant from SCDC play space funding towards the new tennis court for just under £27,000. The quote to carry out the work is £32,000 plus VAT, this is for a hard court, fully fenced, open to the public with a booking process. That left a £5,000 shortfall, the playing field committee is able to put £1,000 towards this. He can ask local councilors and SCDC Enabling Communities Budget for funding as well. Now that the PC has received £5,000 school rent he queried might the PC consider putting £2/3,000 of this towards the cost as they have not helped with funding so far and arguably should do so? SCDC needs to see that the Parish Council is supporting a bid for funding. The parish plan which was carried out some 8 years ago highlighted the need for a tennis court at the playing field. Cllr Beach informed that the playing field committee is now so close to being able to carry out the wish of the village for a new tennis court and he does not want to lose the £27,000 granted by SCDC. He did not feel it appropriate to take this forward until the PC is in agreement to help. Access issues are not likely to make any difference to the final figure and will be negotiated prior to work. Some residents in the village had offered their own money to help but he did not feel at this stage that was appropriate or necessary.

The Chairman proposed that the new finance committee looks at the PC figures and make a decision to fund. The PC can then vote on the funding at the next meeting. In the meantime Cllr Beach will still try to raise funds and the Chairman will ask Sizewell power station for funding.

Cllr Walker reported that plastic drinks bottles are left lying around the playing field after football matches. Cllr Beach to write to the football club about this.

5 MINUTES; To consider the approval of the minutes of the Extraordinary meeting held on 11 November 2015 (attached)

Approved by all, proposed Cllr Hough seconded Cllr Woodcock.


To decide how best to deal with the £5,000 school rent money received for the current year 2015 to 2016.

It was agreed by all that the new finance committee will look each year at how best the £5,000 rent money should be spent, consider anything in the village which could be supported. Proposed Cllr Beach, seconded Cllr Stuart.

Cllr Hill reported that the school has received more funds from SCC to help to pay for the new acting head teacher. The school is also very pleased with the donation received from the Parish Council.

7 COMMITTEES OF THE PARISH COUNCIL – To consider councilors duties within the Parish Council.

The Chairman had circulated a list of duties/committees for the councillors to consider being part of, Planning Committee to include Neighbourhood Plan, members will be Cllrs Hough, Woodcock & Roberts. Finance Committee members will be Cllr Hough, Woodcock, James & Parsons. The 2 committees were approved by all, proposed Cllr Hill seconded Cllr Stuart.

Representatives as follows; Playing Field – Chairman & Cllr Beach. Website – Cllrs Parsons, Walker & James.

Tree Warden – James Abbott. Emergency Planning – Cllrs Beach & Rainger. Allotments – Cllr Varley. Village Hall – Cllrs Hill & Parsons. School – Cllrs Hill, Stuart & Hough. Highways & Traffic – Cllrs Beach, James, Parsons and to invite Brian Boulton also. Footpaths – Cllr Parsons. Sizewell – Cllrs Rainger & Roberts. SALC Area Meetings – Cllr Rainger. Alde & Ore Estuary Planning – Cllr Beach.

Agreed by all, proposed Cllr Hill seconded Cllr Stuart.

The Chairman asked that all representatives & committees give a short report at all future Parish Council meetings. Cllr Parsons will advertise the Parish Council representative on the website.

Cllr Rainger informed that the next Sizewell C meeting will take place on 3 December.

8 ALDE & ORE, PLANS FOR THE RIVER WALL – Report from Cllr T Beach.

The plan as outlined earlier by Sir Edward Greenwell had been circulated and was available on line and there had been media coverage. Snape is number 1 priority with focus on Aldeburgh also. As outlined initially after the flooding in 2013 there were two alternatives, essentially building the existing wall higher to complete the improvement work completed recently or possibly consideration of a new defense line along the road and behind the village houses, or a combination of the two. If this is not carried out then potentially over 60 houses may be at risk of flooding. Cllr Beach was happy to work on a response on behalf of the PC together with the planning sub group and this should fall within the Planning/ Neighborhood Plan. There is the potential that local business’ including Snape Maltings could give funding towards the plan and it was therefore important to support the work of the AOEP.

9. FINANCE a. Statement of Accounts. Bank balances as at 30 November 2015, HSBC Community Account £3,701.06,

Business Money Manager Account £7,762.59, Ipswich Building Society – Friday Club £341.41, Traffic Calming £5,409.00.

The Clerk has circulated to all the proposed new Audit Regime, the Parish Council is happy to accept this.

b. Grass Cutting – Invoices to pay. £210.00 to Gary Whiting for the period September to November for grasscutting at the play area etc.

c SALC – Invoice to pay. £16.80 payroll service.

The above 2 invoices were approved by all, proposed Cllr Walker seconded Cllr Hill.

d. Internal Audit carried out by Cllr Woodcock. Acknowledged he has successfully carried this out.

10. HIGHWAYS & FOOTPATHS. To discuss any issues which have arisen since the last meeting which need to be reported to Suffolk County Council.

Notification has been received from Highways to inform that Church Road will be closed during the night 16/12/2015 to 17/12/2015 (21:00 to 06:00 hours) to carry out underground cable replacement works.

11. PLANNING a. DC/15/4167/FUL – The Rosary, The Street, Snape. No objection from the Parish Council.

b. DC/15/4507/FUL – Hulver Cottage, 1 Hulver Lane, Snape. No objection from the Parish Council.

c. DC/15/4640/VOC – The Granary, Church Common, Snape. Cllr Roberts declared an interest. No objection from the Parish Council.

d. SCDC Local Plan Consultation Document. The document has been received and considered by the PC. The 2 sites outside the village boundary have now been built on at The Glebes and Church Road.

e. The Cloister, Priory Road, Snape. A letter has been received from the owners of the Cloisters outlining their proposals to build a new property on the land and has asked for the thoughts of the Parish Council. It was agreed by all to wait until a formal planning application has been received before making comment.

12 CORRESPONDENCE a. Parish Council Training. A letter has been received from Friston Parish Council inviting Snape to join them for joint SALC training and to share the cost. Benhall & Sternfield Parish Council have also agreed to take part. It was agreed by all to accept the offer and that Neighbourhood Planning & Powers & Duties would be useful training.


Monday 25 January 2016, 7.00pm. Meeting ended 9.02pm.

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