Parish Council Minutes – January 2016


Draft minutes of the Snape Parish Council Meeting, held on Monday, 25 January 2016,

7.00pm in the Village Hall.

Present:– Cllr Malcolm Varley – Chairman, Cllr Bill Hough, Cllr Graham Woodcock, Cllr Matt Roberts, Cllr Marion Walker, Cllr Mike Hill, Cllr Neil Parsons &. Cllr Helen Stuart.

In Attendance: SCDCs Haworth-Culf and Jones, 4 members of the public and the Clerk.


SCDC Haworth-Jones reported that they are faced with more cuts and that council tax will need to be raised for the first time since 2010.

No charge for brown waste collection this year, but will be reviewed annually. SCDC headquarters are on track for the move to their new premises. “BURT” has been launched, “care in the communities in an emergency”. Praised Snape for its emergency plan which has been very well done. Encouraged to take part in “clean for the Queen”, register on line. She has approved funding for the chairs at the village hall and also for the tennis court.

SCC Andrew Reid. The Clerk has emailed his report to all in his absence.

Bill Jenman – Suffolk Coast & Heaths. Informed that he has funding available to carry out another archeological project in Snape and plans to do some “Test Pitting”. This involves digging 1 mtr sq holes to pick up the pattern of the settlement throughout the ages. Anyone can take part and he suggests this is done over a weekend, possible May or June. The Parish Council agrees that the village might like to take part. Cllr Parsons asked where the information can be found regarding the archeological dig which was done along the Church Road.

Mr Jenman informed that the Historic Environment Record, holds the information at Ipswich

Harry Young – Aldeburgh Music/Snape Maltings. Snape & the Maltings are under a very real threat of flooding again. Over the past few months there has been an opportunity for formal consultation on the draft Estuary Plan being drawn up by the Partnership. Subsequent to that and specifically relating to Snape there have been discussions under the umbrella of the Partnership and local businesses about raising the flood defenses on both the North and South of the river bank to over 3m and to 3.5 in front of the Maltings complex. Initial suggestions and modelling looked at raising the river wall on the north. This work will be subject to work and modelling with the Environment Agency in terms of impact on both sides of the river and elsewhere in the Estuary.

It will also need a good deal of work to raise the substantial monies which would be required. The AOEP is planning to hold drop-ins and consultation meetings in the early part of the year once any plans are further developed.

Cllr Parsons asked if there is provision for a bigger sluice on the marsh, Harry informed that at least one possibly 2 or 3 to be installed.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE. Cllr Tim Beach – Vice Chairman, Cllr Russell Rainger & SCC Andrew Reid.

2. DECLARATION OF INTERESTS. Cllr Mike Hill – School. Cllr James – Planning.

3. MINUTES: To consider the approval of the minutes of the last meeting held on 30 November 2015 (attached).

Cllr Stuart suggested that the minutes should be amended in Item 4. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES, a. Traffic Calming.

The village fundraisers may be willing to allocate approx. £1600 towards the purchase of 2 more VAS.

The minutes were then approved by all, proposed Cllr James seconded Cllr Walker.

The Chairman to contact the fundraisers re the £1600.


a. Queens 90th Birthday Celebrations. The Clerk has put an article in the Ebb n Flow and the Website, inviting suggestions for a village celebration. The WI are meeting to discuss ideas. The village hall will be holding a celebration coffee morning.

b. Councillor Training. Clerk to email to all, the suggested dates for SALC training with Friston & Benhall/Sternfield Parish Council. Snape would like the training to include Neighbourhood Planning and Powers & Duties. Cost to be shared with all 3 councils.

5. PLANNING a. DC/15/4956/AGO – RSPB proposed equipment store, Land at Abbey Farm.

Cllr James having declared a pecuniary interest, left the room. Cllr Woodcock suggests that there could be concerns with the access, as it is proposed to use the original track to Abbey Farm. The Parish Council will not object to the building but will state that the access track is unsuitable and that it should not be used publically for vehicles as it is a Footpath/Bridleway.

b. Land Registry – Land on South Side of 9 The Terrace, Snape.

This is a strip of land at the front of the above property, which the previous owners had tended to for over 25 years and had legal documents drawn up. New owners have now moved into the property and would like to register the strip of land to be part of the property. The Parish Council has received documentation from the land registry, however Suffolk County Council are the land owners which forms part of “The Pit & Terrace Land” (common land). The Parish Council has no objection

c. Neighbourhood Planning. Cllr Roberts has been looking into what is involved in carrying out a plan for Snape. It may be a chance to redefine the village boundary and to protect development. It could also cover a bigger area and include neighbouring villages and Alde & Ore flood defenses. He does not yet know how much it will cost, but grants are available. He would also need more evidence of what the village wants & needs or is it just traffic calming? The PC are happy for him to continue to look into this and to see what is involved.

The SALC training will also cover Neighbourhood Planning.

d. DC/16/0033CLP – Land North of 4 & 6 Pryor Close, Formation of temporary construction access to provide temporary vehicular access to approved development site.

The Parish Council already has it on the record that a temporary access must be in place and that the ground must be restored afterwards.

6. FINANCE a. Statement of Accounts. Bank balances as at 25 January 2016, HSBC Community Account £5,750.55.

Business Money Manager Account £7,762.93. Ipswich Building Society – Friday Club £341.41, Traffic Calming £5,409.00.

b. Report back from the Recent Parish Council Finance Committee Meeting to include, Financial Orders, Tennis Court Funding, School Rent Monies.

Cllr Woodcock reported that the finance committee has held its first meeting, however the tennis court funding and school rent monies was not addressed. The Financial Orders were looked at and discussion took place on how best to conduct the Parish Councils finances. Major decisions need to be made by the PC and recommend that the orders are amended accordingly. Currently all payments have to be approved at Parish Council meetings before the Clerk can make any payments. This means that some suppliers have to wait upto 2 months to be paid.

A resolution will need to be passed by the Parish Council granting the finance committee to act as an advisory or to give them authority and to make payments in between PC meetings. The next finance committee meeting will take place on 9 February, the Clerk will attend also.

c. S137 Donations. 8 donation request letters have been received. It was agreed to make donations to the disability Advice Service, Home Start, Suffolk Accident Rescue Service, East Anglian Air Ambulance and the Citizens Advice Bureau, £40 to each.

d. To consider the Annual Donation to Snape Parochial Church Council. Agreed to give the annual donation, £250.00.

e. To consider the Annual Donation to Snape Village Hall. Agreed to give the annual donation, £200.00.

f. VAT Refund to Village Hall Management Committee. The Clerk has reclaimed VAT for payments made on behalf of the Village Hall Management Committee, £1019.40. Agreed that this should now be paid back to the hall committee.

g. Specialised Panel Products – Invoice to pay on behalf of the Village Hall Management Committee. New chairs for the village hall, £685.44. The hall committee has given a cheque to the PC for the amount. Agreed that the PC will pay the invoice which has been made out to the Parish Council and claim back the VAT for the village hall management committee.

h. Vertas – Invoice to pay (Playing Field Grass Cutting). Agreed to pay for grass cutting, October to December, £252.26.

i. Website – Invoices to pay. Domain renewal £10.79 & website hosting £34.99, both to be paid to Cllr Parson. Agreed by all.

All of the above payments were approved, proposed Cllr Hill seconded Cllr Walker.


a. Playing Field. Cllr Beach has sent in his report informing that he has managed to secure £30,000 funding for the new tennis court. This means there is still £2,000 to find. The village plan which was carried out a few years ago highlighted that the village wanted a tennis court along with traffic calming. It was agreed by the PC that the traffic calming is ongoing and has so far progressed with 2 VAS. If the PC does not support Cllr Beach’s hard work for tennis court funding, it could all be lost. It was agreed by all to give the playing field committee a donation of £2,000, proposed Cllr Parsons seconded Cllr Stuart.

b. Highways/Traffic. Cllr Stuart informed that the batteries used in the VAS are not adequate as they are not operating as per the Parish Councils expectations. She suggests a different type of VAS is purchased next time. Cllr Hough suggests that solar panels could be used as they do not require manual charging. The Chairman recommends that the village as a whole should be part of charging the current batteries.

The Chairman read out Cllr Beach report, the speed indicator signs that were purchased and made operational from the late summer have been used since then in two locations in the village. Initially on Church Road in the centre of the village between the Crown and the school and then later in the year on the main Aldeburgh Road. In the New Year they was returned to the village centre again. The feedback that has been received has been almost entirely positive with some extended observations showing that, with a tiny number of exceptions, nearly all vehicles do reduce speed at the signs. There is ongoing discussion about the value of purchasing additional equipment. The rota system for maintaining the speed indicators is working effectively. Highways have not as yet managed to erect the promised posts in the village for the mounting of the speed indicators but other road signage has been used effectively so far. Similarly discussions with Highways to try to address some of the parking issues around the Glebes and Gromford Lane did not produce any real assistance. Residents were encouraged to report individual incidents of illegal parking to the police for them to deal with. This is unlikely to be effective given the reducing capacity of the police to deal with such issues and will therefore need further discussion between the PC and SCC Highways.

The Chairman confirmed again, he will speak to the village fund raisers regarding donating their money raised towards 2 new VAS.

c. Website. Cllr Parsons, nothing to report.

d. Allotments. Chairman, nothing to report.

e. Village Hall. Cllr Hill informed that the hall is flourishing and that the floor is to be re-sanded next month.

f. School. Cllr Hill informed that the school is flourishing and that a head teacher has been appointed for a 3rd term and budgeting for her to stay beyond that.

g. Footpaths. Cllr Parsons, nothing to report.

h. Sizewell.  Cllr Rainger has previously circulated his report via email.

i. SALC.  Cllr Rainger has previously circulated his report via email.

j. Alde & Ore Partnership. Covered in the open forum.

k. Police. Cllr Walker reported that she has recently attended a meeting regarding Policing changes in Suffolk.

l. Emergency Planning. Report received from Cllr Beach, Snape Community Emergency Planning (CEP) Group met on the 16th November 2015. Colleagues from the SCC Joint Emergency Planning Group and the Environment Agency also attended. It was agreed that as part of a formal review of the Emergency Plan that would contact those volunteers who were detailed in the Plan direct to confirm their continuing support and also that we would redistribute an amended questionnaire together with a guidance leaflet given that there had been changes and additions to the residents.The questionnaires were circulated with Ebb and Flow before Christmas and are still being received back. It is anticipated that an amended Plan will be created and agreed before April 2016 with any additional volunteers recorded. Two members of the Snape Group, (Steve Stocks and Tim Beach) now sit on the Suffolk Emergency Planning Steering Group which is attempting to bring a greater level of coordination to this work across the County and has made a bid to fund that work to the Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner, Tim Passmore.


All councilors have received a copy and approved by all, proposed Cllr James, seconded Cllr Woodcock.

9. SNAPE ANNUAL PARISH MEETING – GUEST SPEAKER. Monday 4 April, update could be given by Harry Young, Environment Agency or Alde & Ore, Clerk will ask Cllr Beach who he thinks would be most appropriate. Suggestion also for Neighbourhood Planning.

10. CORRESPONDENCE a. Buckingham Palace Garden Party June 2016. The Clerk has put forward an application for the Chairman and herself to attend.

b. Snape Post Office. Cllr Walker informed that Snape had been close to losing its post office, however it has now been taken over by

Peter Anderson who used to own and run Aldeburgh/Saxmundham post offices and all the outreaches, now he has Saxmundham and the outreaches. Suggests that the PC sends him a letter of thanks to him, Clerk to do.


Monday 21 March. Meeting ended 9.05pm.


Posted in Minutes 2015/16, Parish Council Highlights.