Parish Council Minutes 16.1.17


Minutes of the Snape Parish Council Meeting held on 16th January 2017 7.00pm

At  Snape Village Hall

Present: Cllr Tim Beach – Vice Chair, Cllr Marion Walker, Cllr Mike Hill, Cllr Graham Woodcock, Cllr, Bill Hough, Cllr Russ Rainger, Cllr Mary James, Cllr Melanie Thurston, Cllr Helen Stuart, Cllr Andrew Reid, Cllr TJ Haworth-Culf

In attendance: 6 Members of the public, Maureen Philpot Clerk to the Parish Council.


 A member of the public asked about the progress on the village sign and Cllr Tim Beach was happy to report that a photograph had been sent for the positioning of the sign.  It was agreed that this was agreeable as long as the sign was no higher than that in the photograph.

A member of the public pointed out that the lights at the exterior of the Hall had not been put on.  An apology was made by the Chairman.

A member of the public complained that the condition of the road surface along Sternfield Road, near Snape Church, was in a very dangerous condition. A letter regarding this issue was handed to the Clerk. Cllr Rainger agreed to report on the Highways website and the Clerk agreed to also report the issue.

A member of the public reported that the woodland at Priory Road was swamped by holly and deterred wild life and it was suggested that as the Snape Common belongs to the Village the Parish Council could organise the clearance of the Holly.  Coppicing would be suitable. It was suggested that The Woodland Trust be asked for help (via Neil Parsons) Cllr Rainger agreed to contact Neil Parsons.

It was also pointed out that tree branches by the bus shelter were very low and could cause injury.

  Action: Clerk to write to Suffolk Highways and Andrew Reid regarding the road condition by the Church.

The clerk will contact Neil Parsons and Suffolk Wildlife Trust regarding the Holly.

The Clerk will contact Suffolk Highways regarding the low tree branches by the bus shelter.


Report from Cllrs TJ Haworth-Culf and M Jones.

Link: htt:/

Cllr TJ Haworth-Culf thanked everyone involved with the flood alert and commented that a good plan was in place.  She also complimented the village hall on the new furniture in the upstairs room.

Report from Cllr Andrew Reid

Cllr Andrew Reid read out a section of his report.  This was welcomed by everyone. Please find links to his reports below:

Link: http:/

Sizewell C report: http:/





Cllr Matt Roberts, Cllr Maureen Jones


Cllr Mike Hill declared an interest in the school.


The minutes were approved by all Proposed: Cllr Mary James Seconded: Cllr Bill Hough


a. VAS

The VAS project has got really complicated and the response from Nigel Panting and David Chennery had not been as helpful as it could have been in that it left a good deal of confusion about the process of approval for the equipment, location and use.  It was decided to form a small sub-group to try to bring some focus to the matter and that we should invite Mr Panting to a site visit on that basis. Cllr Reid asked to be included in the e-mail request and to attend himself if possible.

It was proposed by Cllr Tim Beach that sub-group meetings are held every Thursday for the next 6 weeks. Cllr Bill Hough, Cllr Russ Rainger and Cllr Tim Beach agreed to form the basis of that sub-group with The Chairman, Cllr Matt Roberts and that others could be invited to attend or others with an interest in the village.

Action: All agreed sub-group meetings as above from 26th January 2017 at the Village Hall at 6pm.

b.Hopkins Home Money

It was decided to wait until the AGM to come to a decision on how to spend the money.  A public discussion needs to take place when the VAS problem is solved.

Action: Agreed by all to await the resolution of the VAS issues and then hold a public meeting.

c.Walkers are welcome Scheme

Cllr Mary James  stated that there was already a good scheme in place for walkers and Cllr Russ Rainger asked if there would be  financial assistance. There is a £1,000 grant but the application would have to be in by the end of the financial year. Cllr Tim Beach said it had been useful making contact with Rights of Way  (Clare  Parker) as it resulted in work on some of the footpaths and a new fingerpost.

Action: The Parish Council decided not to support the scheme at the moment but would revisit the idea at a later date.


There have not been any applications up to date and it was suggested to put a notice in Ebb and Flow.

Action: The Clerk will further advertise the post and councillors will seek to encourage other applicants. 


One planning application had been received and parking concerns were expressed, also the access for emergency vehicles could be a problem.

Action: The Clerk will feed back parking concerns and emergency vehicle access.


            a.Statement of Accounts

            At 20th December 2016 The Community Account held a balance of £9,057.40

At 20th December 2016 The Business Money Manager held a balance of £30,772.23

b.Grass Cutting

Cheque signed for: Gary Whiting £105.00

c. Ground Maintenance

Cheque signed for: Vertas £267.40

d. Clerks Salary

Cheque signed for: Maureen Philpot Salary £459.80


Cheque signed for HMRC for: £115.00


Cheque signed for: £12.00

g. Heelis & Lodge (Audit)

Cheque signed for: £185.00

h. Web site payment

Cheque signed for: Maureen Philpot £46.98

            i.Snape Village Hall VAT return

            Cheque signed for: Village Hall Management Committee £304.06

            j.Playing field Vat

            Still under discussion – no payment made

Action: Cllr Tim Beach agreed to ask the Playing Field Committee Treasurer for a breakdown of payments.


            a.Playing field

Due to time of year, no news.  The tennis Courts are being used and new people are joining.

b. Website

Cllr Rainger reported that Neil Parsons had asked the Parish Council to assist in keeping the content of the website up to date. Some Councillors indicated that they required some refresher training to do this.

Action: Individuals will contact Neil Parsons regarding further training.

c. Emergency Planning

The Plan was operated on Friday 13th January 2017 following contact with SCC due to the risk of flooding.The Village Hall was open all night and it worked well with its first sleepover.  Everybody appreciated that the Village Hall was open and the help they received. The warmth and Wi-Fi was particularly appreciated by the emergency services. The emergency plan worked well and thanks were sent to all who took part.


A very positive and well attended meeting took place. holders did not want an association They will have meetings twice a year and they decided that if an unused allotment becomes untidy it can be cleaned up.  The allotment holders wanted to know if the Parish Council could help with the costs to keep the site clear? It was suggested that putting plastic over unused allotments might help.  It was also discussed that a £10 a year fee was not too much and that £20 per year to be agreed with a one years notice.  This would start from March 2018.

Action: Agreed to raise the rent to £20 annually from March 2018.

Proposed: Cllr Helen Stuart Seconded: Cllr Bill Hough

e.Village Hall

It was agreed that the Village Hall looked very good with the new furniture. It was suggested that the keycode for the snooker room be made avaiiable because if the emergency planning needs to be used again, the snooker room would be of use.

Action: The Village Hall Management Committee will be asked by Cllr Tim Beach for the keycode, so that it can be inserted into the confidential section  of the Emergency Plan.


A meeting is due soon. The school is said to be improving but there is still an issue with an unclean kitchen.  The Junior Road Safety Officers will send a report.  The Mentor attached to the school said that at the moment their rating would be ‘good’.


A letter had been sent to surrounding Parishes regarding traffic calming but the response has been poor. It was suggested that at least the Parish Council had tried.

Action: It was agreed that the sub-group as proposed by Cllr Beach and agreed earlier would follow this up.


Cllr Marion Walker said that the tree by the track to the allotments still had not been dealt with and that an e-mail to David Chennery be sent.

Action: Clerk to write to David Chennery to point out lack of action,


It was agreed that following the discussion with Cllrs Reid and Howarth-Culf earlier in the meeting that Snape needed to make a submission before the consultation period ends on 3rd February 2017 and if possible a meeting would be held with Geoff Holdcroft (Deputy Leader SCDC) prior to that submission as has been suggested by the SCC and SCDC councillors.

Action: agreed as above that Cllrs Tim Beach and Russ Rainger would arrange a meeting for interested and available councillors in order to provide a response.

Cllr Russ Rainger pointed out that there is still Community Money available from Sizewell and Community Groups should apply, there can only be one submission per annum from each group.

Action: It was agreed that Snape Parish Council would make a submission to the Sizewell Community Fund.


A report from SALC re: AGM was received. It was suggested that the Council keep in touch with SALC and maybe an article could be written for the magazine.

Action: Clerk to contact SALC and ask if they provide electronic copies of the Councillor magazine.

k.Alde & Ore Partnership

There is a meeting on Thursday 19th January 2017. Cllr Tim Beach said he will be attending. The modelling of the river walls on both sides of the Maltings is still ongoing.


Nothing to report.


There was nothing to report and this will be referred to Cllr Matt Roberts.


Peter Bunn offered to help with the notice board.

The notice board at the bottom of the hill needs re-glazing and it was suggested that an e-mail be sent to Brian Bolton re: renewal of glass. Cllr Tim Beach pointed out that the notice board at the foot of the hill was in a poor state overall.

Action: Agreed to obtain quotes for both bits of work and to proceed if they are reasonable and within budget.


It was suggested that a meeting with the Clerk was needed to enable the setting up of the committee.

Action: Sub-committee would have a report ready for AGM.


A letter was received from SARS asking for a donation towards their work.

Action:It was agreed the request would be passed to the Finance sub group to consider as part of the annual donations. It was also suggested that they could be invited to talk at the APM.  The Clerk will acknowledge the letter from SARS and request attendance at the APM.

 A letter had been received from Suffolk Coastal District Council regarding Precept setting. This was circulated to Councillors and it was agreed to keep the PC precept unchanged from the previous year £10,892.

Action: Clerk to confirm to SCDC

Cllr Russ Rainger presented several items of correspondence that had been circulated by e-mail, he asked how they are acknowledged if they are not discussed at the PC meeting.It was agreed that all items circulated by e-mail would be considered closed unless raised by a Councillor.

The Clerk confirmed that correspondence was acknowledged and then circulated for consideration.


Tuesday 14th March 2017 at 7.30pm.

Meeting Closed at 9.15pm.



Posted in Minutes 2016/17, Parish Council Highlights.