Parish Council Minutes 14.3.17



Draft Minutes of the Snape Parish Council Meeting 14th March 2017 7.30pm at Snape Village Hall


Present: Cllr. Matt Roberts – Chair, Cllr. Tim Beach – Vice Chair, Cllr. Marion Walker, Cllr. Mike Hill, Cllr. Graham Woodcock, Cllr. Bill Hough, Cllr. Russ Rainger, Cllr. Mary James, Cllr. Melanie Thurston, Cllr. Helen Stuart.


In attendance: 25 Members of the public, Maureen Philpot Clerk to the Parish Council.




A member of the public asked why the draft minutes weren’t posted on the notice boards and the web site.  The clerk replied that she only posted the minutes once they were approved and signed.

Action: The Clerk will post the draft minutes as soon as they are ready in future. The Chair apologised.


There were numerous questions and points of view put forward about the Snape Maltings proposed developments.

The Parish Council was asked if now was the time to put into action the traffic calming scheme.

The Chairman replied that he had a statement to make later in the meeting. Cllr Tim Beach replied that there had been a number of traffic calming meetings and it will continue to be an issue over the next 5-8 years. It was also put forward by a Cllr that the increase of traffic from Snape Maltings would probably result in traffic jams not speeding. It was stated that as the area is AONB then the developer would have to prove that scheme was in the national interest.

The Chairman read a statement from Mr. Harry Young regarding the Maltings’ Masterplan and the effect on the village of Snape. A member of the public felt that the open meeting held at Snape Maltings was more to do with the Maltings and not the surrounding villages. It was also said that the proposed car park would be substantial and that there is a proposal for a bridge across the river to Snape and could be considered an eyesore. The member of the public would like a public meeting or for the Parish Council to write a letter to Mr Harry Young.

The Chairman asked whether villagers just have a problem with the potential location of the car park, and if so, pressure to move it could be put on Snape Maltings. Cllr Tim Beach said that there needs to be a public consultation about this development and that people need to be given a voice. The Parish Council needs to talk to villagers and find out their views about the proposed development prior to taking a position.  A member of the public said that they would rather not wait until the public consultation to air their views. Cllr Russ Rainger stated that the planning process has not begun and that the Parish Council must make clear to the designers what the Parish would require. The Chairman stated that the number of people attending the Parish Meeting shows the intense interest in this project. Cllr Tim Beach suggested that the Parish Council organize a pre meeting before the next main public meeting.  It is very important to get the villagers’ point of view. It was suggested by a member of the public that a flyer be inserted into Ebb & Flow and also post matters on the website. The public thought that the Parish Council should reply to the letter from Mr Harry Young immediately. It was also stated that it had been said that The Suffolk Wildlife Trust supported this project but this is not true. It was asked by a member of the public what the impact will be on local businesses apart from the increase of traffic and the car parking. It was also stated that the lighting at the moment is very bright and on twenty- four seven.  The new car park would be lit and spoil the local countryside. It was asked how the last open meeting was advertised and the Chairman replied that a flyer was delivered to every house and it was put on the web site. Cllr Tim Beach said that the Alde & Ore Partnership would have their own thoughts and there will be a meeting of the A&OEP Implementation Group on Friday of this week.

Cllr Russ Rainger summed up by asking: Are the Parish Council going to put a flyer in Ebb & Flow?

Is the Parish Council going to respond to the letter from Mr Harry Young and

Is the Parish Council going to have a pre-meeting with the villagers.

Cllr Tim Beach stated that there are 600 people in the village and there should be a public meeting.



Report from Cllrs T J Haworth Culf and M Jones

Link: http:/


Report from Cllr Andrew Reis

Link: http:/











Cllr Mike Hill – School

Cllr Graham Woodcock – War Memorial



The minutes were approved by all Proposed: Cllr Tim Beach, Seconded: Cllr Mike Hill



a.To co-opt a new council meeting

Cllr Tim Beach asked the public if anyone present at the meeting would consider becoming a councillor. The Clerk has posted an advertisement for the vacancy in Ebb & Flow.


It was agreed that the Playing Field should receive a payment of £2,513.12 when the VAT claim had been received.

c.Notice Boards

The replacement of two notice boards was agreed in a previous meeting and are in the process of being made. The notice board at the bottom of the hill will cost £500 for a hardwood replacement.

All agreed: Proposed: Cllr Tim Beach Seconded: Cllr Melanie Thurston



The Chairman attended a planning conference organised by SALC. He reported that there were quite a few interesting items including a talk from Planning Aid England, but not many delegates were in favour of The Neighbourhood Plan. It was suggested that the villagers are asked what planning considerations they want. Cllr Tim Beach remembered that ten years ago the village was asked what planning considerations they wanted and their suggestions have all be achieved. Now is the time for a new Village Plan. It was suggested that it would be a good idea to get the villagers together to have a discussion on planning.  The thought was to invigorate the village and it was suggested that this be offered up at the APM.

Action: Cllr Tim Beach agreed to summarise the 2008 plan for the APM to enable discussion on what had been achieved and whether it was worth developing a new village plan.

Proposed: Cllr Helen Stuart Seconded: Cllr Marion Walker

6.FINANCE     a. Statement of Accounts

                        At 20th February 2017 the Community Account held a balance of £7,562.16

At 20th February 2017 the Business Money Manager Account held a balance of £30,774.33

At 20th February 2017 The Ipswich Building Society (Friday Club) held a balance of £341.66

At 20th February 2017 The Ipswich Building Society (Traffic Calming) held a balance of £5,409.00

c. Ground Maintenance

Cheque signed for Vertas £267.40

d. SALC Conference

Cheque signed for SALC £90.00

e. Village Hall Boiler

Cheque  signed for Cooleraid £288.00

f.Stationery-Petty Cash

 Cheque signed for Maureen Philpot £98.20

g.Woodland Group Annual Rent

Cheque  signed for JR & K Poll ££210

h.Letter to HSBC

Letter  signed to transfer funds to Community Account

i.Tree Cutting

Cheque  signed for Paul Bush £1200.


Proposed: Cllr Tim Beach Seconded: Cllr Helen Stuart

The War Memorial Trust Scheme Grant

Cllr Graham Woodcock said that the Parish Council is responsible for the upkeep of the war memorial. He has got together two quotes to clean the memorial one from Masters of Woodbridge £1,700 and one from GF of Farnham £600. There would also be the cost of materials in the region of £100.

Cllr Graham Woodcock would like GF of Farnham to do the work. Proposed Cllr Mike Hill Seconded: Cllr Mary James.



a. Playing Field

The Committee are busy planning the Fun Day on the 1st Saturday in August. It was also reported that the fort has been replaced and looks very good. Cllr Marion Walker asked if the shelter was to be repainted and Cllr Tim Beach replied in the affirmative.

b. Website

The Chairman asked for volunteers to help keep the website up to date. still waiting for training.

c. Emergency Planning

Cllr Tim Beach is to be on Radio Suffolk in a discussion about the recent flood alert.

d. Allotments

Cllr Marion Walker said that all seems to be okay at the moment but she said there is still quite a bit of pruned wood waiting for people to help themselves. The allotment holders have been e-mailed to remind them that the rent is due on 1st April 2017. The allotment holders have asked to make the payment by bank transfer. The Council confirmed that if suitable records are retained this was acceptable.

Action: The Clerk will send Cllr Marion Walker the Bank details for payment.

e. Village Hall

The Parish Council would like to send congratulations to Caroline Beach for the work carried out in the Village Hall. It was also said that the recent coffee mornings have been well attended.

f. School

Nothing to report

g. Highways/Traffic

There has been a large amount of mud left on the road by farm machinery. This can be very dangerous and should be cleaned up by the landowner. When the name of the landowner has been ascertained it was suggested that a letter be sent from the Council pointing out that mud left on the road needs to be cleaned up quickly.

Action: It was decided that a letter would be sent to the owner of the land in due course.

h. Footpaths

Cllr Melanie Thurston had written to SCC regarding a dangerous footpath on the way to Snape Maltings. A response had been received that the issue will be addressed will be addressed in the next financial year.


Cllr Russ Rainger said that he is unable to attend the next meeting. The Sizewell C response was sent and also posted on the website.


Nothing to report

k. Alde & Ore Partnership

There is a meeting on 17th March 2017. It was said that the modelling on the Snape side of the river will take until next Summer to be completed.

l. Police

Nothing to report.

8. VAS

The Chairman had finally received a positive e-mail from David Chenery. The Chairman has been liaising with UK Power Networks whom he had found to be very helpful. It was found that the existing posts on the A road were not strong enough to hold VAS units but new posts should not be expensive. The cost from UK Power Networks will be £2,261 and Curle’s will need to put up a junction box. There will be data collection on both VAS units and on both SID units.

There will be 2 SID units in the Village and 2 VAS units on the main A road.

This was agreed by all. Proposed: Cllr Mike Hill Seconded: Cllr Mary James

It was suggested that thanks go to Cllr Andrew Reid and TJ Haworth Culf for the work they had done towards this project.

Action: The Chairman agreed to do this.

The Council proposed that a vote of thanks goes to the Chairman, Cllr Matt Roberts for his patience and persistence in this matter.

It was also indicated that there might be money available for traffic calming in the new financial year.


It was suggested that the Parish Council should respond to the owners of Snape Maltings and also to put together a questionnaire, which could be quite complex. Cllr Russ Rainger has slight reservations about the format of a questionnaire.

The Chairman read out a letter from The Suffolk Wildlife Trust, and a group of Snape residents stating their opinions regarding this matter.

It was agreed that there should be a separate page for Snape Maltings on the village website.

There should also be a pre-meeting with the Snape villagers before the public open meeting on 19th April 2017.

It was agreed that a village meeting should take place at 7pm on Tuesday 18th April at Snape village hall and the focus of discussions should be on car parking and traffic but also reflecting other issues that arose from the consultation. Cllr Tim Beach offered to draft a flyer/ questionnaire which could be circulated in the village (with Ebb and Flow if that can be agreed). It was also suggested that only the residents of Snape should attend the pre-meeting on 18th April 2017 to enable them to express their opinions openly. It was also agreed that the Chair would confirm that the village would like to take up the offer of a further meeting with Harry Young on the evening of the 19th April.

Action: Cllr Tim Beach will compose a flyer/questionnaire to be circulated throughout the village.


The Finance Committee reported that they have had a meeting with the Clerk.  There needs to be a change of signatories: Cllr Graham Woodcock and Cllr Mary James will be added to the Mandate and Cllr Marion Walker is happy to be taken off of the Mandate.

Proposed: Cllr Tim Beach Seconded: Cllr Helen Stuart


The Chairman read out a letter from a worried villager about dog fouling near her cottage.  It was decided to purchase a new dog bin (which must be placed near the highway) and to provide a sign above it.

Proposed: Cllr Mary James Seconded: Cllr Melanie Thurston

Action: Cllr Melanie Thurston will deal with this.


Dealt with in Open Forum and item 9.


Tuesday 9th May 2017 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall (AGM)

Meeting closed at 9.40pm






















Posted in Minutes 2016/17, Parish Council Highlights.