Open Meeting 18.4.17



Draft Minutes of the Snape Parish Council Open Meeting held on 18th April 2017 7pm at Snape Village Hall


Present: Cllr Matt Roberts – Chair, Cllr Tim Beach – Vice Chair, Cllr Marion Walker, Cllr Mike Hill, Cllr Graham Woodcock, Cllr Bill Hough, Cllr Russ Rainger, Cllr Mary James, Cllr Melanie Thurston, Cllr Helen Stuart, Cllr Andrew Reid, Cllr TJ Haworth-Culf


In attendance: 90 Members of the Public, Maureen Philpot – Clerk to the Parish Council



None received



The meeting opened by the Chairman stating that questions from the floor would be taken after the council had discussed the one item on the agenda.

 “Snape Maltings’ proposed development”,

 He stated that there had been some adverse comments on the style of the PC initiated survey, but pointed out the requirement to seek the views of as many residents as possible. 

He thanked those on the PC for creating the questionnaire and then collating the results.  

He then gave the results from a total of 97 returns out of around 380 household

Q1   Are you aware of the existence of a masterplan scheme for the development of the Maltings site? 94.%  Yes

Q2 If you are aware of the plan, are you supportive of its wider aim to develop the site further?

56%  Yes. 

Q3   Should the PC continue to engage with Snape Maltings around the wider planning as part of an ongoing consultation?

87%  Yes

Q4  One of the proposals is for the development of a car park on the north side of the river between the Crown Pub and the river. Are you supportive of that proposal?

 98 % No

Q5 If not, would any additional work to mitigate the visual impact of cars, lighting and the car park itself be likely to change your view? 96% No

Q6  Similarly would any additional work to mitigate the impact of a car park on wildlife and fauna be likely to change your view? 96% No

Q7 Similarly if the proposed car park was developed in such a manner as to provide additional flood protection to the village, would this be likely to change your mind? 92% No

The chair expressed surprise at this result bearing in mind the effort being made to protect the village from flooding

Q8 The Masterplan potentially offers the opportunity for an additional 50 to 70 local employment opportunities.  Should this be a consideration for the PC?

Only 44% of the responses thought employment opportunities should be a consideration.

Q9 Additional units at the Maltings will potentially become available for rent which could impact local businesses. Should this be a significant consideration for the PC? 66% Yes

We had a multitude of answers for Q10  and the PC will take the time to go through all the suggestions prior to the next PC meeting.

On the basis of these results, The chair recommended the Parish Council take a vote,  and agree to issue the following statement to the Snape Maltings Management.


“Snape Parish Council have carried out a survey on the Snape Maltings Development Plan. 

It demonstrates overwhelming opposition from local people for the location of a proposed car park for the Maltings on the north side of the River Alde.

Given the strength of feeling from the village, Snape Parish Council has decided to lodge its opposition to those parking plans.

The council however remains strongly supportive of the Maltings’ wider development plans, and will sympathetically consider these on their individual merit.

The council also recognises The Maltings local significance and importance, but we would strongly encourage them to fully consider the potential impact of additional sensitive issues such as traffic and existing local businesses, as an integral part of its development planning.”


A member of the Council was concerned that the Council should change the wording in this statement to remain ‘supportive’ rather than ‘sympathetic’. The Vice-Chairman suggested that the statement gets sent to three recipients, Snape Maltings, Suffolk Coastal District Council and Suffolk County Council.


Councillor TJ Howarth-Culf suggested that the statement was formally agreed to and then amend to reflect the public view.

This was passed by all PC members.

The Council decided that they wanted to make a strong point but a member of the public declared that sending the statement will make no point on its own. The Vice Chair stated the Council have made a clear statement to the effect of not wanting the proposed car park and reflecting the views from the questionnaires.

A member of the public stated that the landscape will be spoiled for everyone.

The Chairman was asked if he could read out the statement at the meeting to be held at Snape Maltings  on 19th April 2017, the vice-chairman said he will do this to emphasise that no car park was wanted north of the River Alde.

The Chairman was asked to read the statement again, which he did.

There were several issues mentioned by the public. Flooding could be an issue, but this was difficult to say if it would be a problem, the proposal is not part of the flood plan. With increased traffic, safety of walkers and cyclists was at risk. Speeding continued to be an important issue within the village and Cllr TJ Howarth-Culf suggested that speeding vehicles should be reported to the police. The Vice Chair pointed out that the meeting was primarily about Snape Maltings and that the Council had worked hard for three years working on speed restrictions which is still ongoing. The Chairman said that the two SID posts have already made a difference in calming speed through the village. Cllr Andrew Reid reported that he was talking to the Highways team regarding the scheme. The public also raised the points that it wasn’t just the car park as a potential problem but the whole of the development and that the village is already much noisier. It was also suggested that a park and ride could be a solution.

The Suffolk Wildlife Trust had been asked how they stood on the proposals and a member of the public who had been in contact with them replied that they are in a neutral position and are not commenting on the plans until they are produced. Cllr Andrew Reid said that SCDC have not received any proposals from Snape Maltings regarding Plans. The Chairman stated that as so many people had turned out for the meeting it endorsed the fact that the Village have strong points of view. It was stated by a member of the public that this was a proposal and planning had not been put forward yet. Maybe the Council could see the pre application advice.

 Over 300 people had signed a petition against the proposal and could this be added to the Council’s statement.  The Chairman said he was happy to incorporate this. The Public stated that several people don’t want the car park but Tunstall seem to want it. Cllr TJ Haworth-Culf stated that Snape Maltings are in the village of Tunstall but the proposed new car park will be in the Village of Snape. Both Parishes will be consultees. The Public made the point that the proposal involves retail units, student accommodation and new rehearsal rooms and this would provide an enclave and the village should not be sympathetic to the plans. The Chairman suggested that they should make a case and go with it. He also asked who were in favour of supporting the young musicians and a show of hands decided that a third of the public were in favour. The Chairman still found it difficult to remove the word “support”. A member of the public said that although they were for the Maltings even though they had concern for pubs and businesses in Snape Village it was important to fight the Car Park.

Cllr Tim Beach said that the proposed Car Park was the main problem with the proposal, he also stated that the questionnaire was democratic that the majority of the village are in favour of the development in wider terms. A show of hands suggested that the statement is kept to one topic only, the car park.  98 per cent of the public were in favour of no car park on the marsh and that should be the focus. The Council were unanimous to keep it to one topic and the statement will be changed. The Council voted on removing the paragraph “strongly supporting the wider development plans”. There was then agreed suggestions to include in the statement reference to informing SCC and SCDC of the PC position and of the petition including over 300 local residents.

All PC in favour of reworded statement as above.

Cllr TJ Haworth-Culf said that there could be other plans they could mitigate, roundabout, tunnel etc. She will ask them. If Snape Maltings put the plans in as a whole it could be a concern as far as the car park is concerned.

The Chairman said that he hoped that everyone would be going to the meeting the following night and that the Council welcomed any help that could be given and the public were reminded that there is still a vacancy on the Parish Council.  The Vice-Chairman said that he and the Chairman had been asked to Chair the Q and A session tomorrow and that they had not committed. He asked for views from the audience. The meeting was clear that they did not want the PC to act as Chair for Q and A.


The meeting closed at 8.20pm




Posted in Council Meeting Minutes.