Murder Mystery Solved

It was a night to remember as Snape Village Hall reverted back to its past and became a ’60s nightspot, but this must surely be the first time it had involved a murder!

A cast of dodgy suspects were assembled, all splendidly dressed for the occasion; they all acted out their roles with enormous enthusiasm, entertaining us between the three courses of our dinner,  as we all tried to work out who was the villain whilst the increasingly complex plot gradually unravelled. After lots of clues and banter, dramatics, twists and red herrings the culprit was eventually identified, but we have to keep that particular individual’s identity to ourselves!

There were many high quality performances (involving rather shifting and geographically unplaceable accents), but Deedee Chanel (aka our very own Caroline Beach) put on a particularly feisty show with plenty of ad lib and action all richly deserving the prize she, together with another star of the evening Georgie Fury (Tim Haxell), received at the end for best performances.

The suspects

The suspects line up as things began to unravel

Deedee Chanel

Villain of the Piece [sic]? – the strangely familiar looking Deedee Chanel

While we were all sitting down and enjoying ourselves, in the background our catering volunteers worked in the kitchen for the whole afternoon and evening to prepare and serve up our delicious three course meal. A very special thanks to Denise and Russ Rainger and their able assistant Tom Geater for all their hard work in making things go so smoothly.

It was a brilliant evening with some particularly impressive dramatics from some of the cast, all professionally compered by Mark Mower, a writer of fictional and true crime books and member of the Crime Writers’ Association.





Long Shop Museum

The evening was an event run by volunteers for the Leiston Long Shop Museum,  and we thank everyone involved for their support of this fund raising event.

The Long Shop holds a wide range of events for the whole family throughout the year, see our web site for further details. We are a charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, registration Number 283444. Come and visit us soon!



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