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category/news news-blog ["What's on?" points to now-separate upcoming "events"]
category/village-events events What's on?
greensnape what/gs What we do > GreenSnape
history home/history Home > History
holiday-cottages visiting/accommodation for Visitors > Accommodation [*REDIRECTING FOR NOW*]
new-website [blog posted on 4/12/2014] [home] Home
organisations/snape-woodland-group what/pw What we do > Priory Wood
parish-council pc Parish Council
parish-council/emergency-planning cep EMERGENCY
snape-chapel home/history/snape-chapel Home > History > Snape Chapel
snape-church what/church What we do > Church of St John the Baptist
snape-good-neighbour-scheme what/sgns What we do > [Sn] Good Neighbour Scheme
snape-snooker-club what/snooker What we do > Snooker Club
snape-tennis-court-bookings what/tennis What we do > Tennis Courts
snape-village-website [blog posted 20/8/19] [home] Home
village-events events What's on?
village-hall vh V.Hall


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