Minutes of the Parish AGM 2017



Draft minutes of the Snape Parish Council, Annual General Meeting, held on Wednesday 9 May 2017, 7.30pm, at Snape Village Hall.


Present: Chairman – Matt Roberts, Tim Beach – Vice Chairman, Cllr Bill Hough, Cllr Helen Stuart, Cllr Russ Rainger, Cllr Marion Walker,

Cllr Bill Hough, Cllr Mary James, Cllr Graham Woodcock & Cllr Melanie Thurston – to Clerk the meeting.

In Attendance: 4 members of the public.


The Chairman informed that as the Clerk Mrs Philpot is unwell, Cllr Thurston will take the minutes.

He also congratulated Cllr Rainger who was successfully elected in the local county council elections.



Member of the public present asked if, further to the public meeting on 18 April at Snape Maltings, regarding the proposed carpark,  did the Parish Councils statement get passed onto SCDC and to SCC?  The Chairman confirmed that it had.  Member of the public also asked if the statement could be passed onto SCC Highways department because of the proposed access into the proposed carpark off the B1069.  The Chairman will do so.  The Vice Chairman will forward the statement to Tunstall Parish Council also.


SCDC TJ Haworth-Culf The Chairman read out the report in her absence which included;

Tour of Britain coming to Suffolk Coast on September 8.  Suffolk Armed Forces Weekend, 24/25 volunteers needed.   Suffolk Walking Festival, 3 weeks of exploring Suffolk will be launched 13 May.  Open air cinemas during the summer from 29 June.  Leiston to benefit from more initiative health projects in the community.  Free compost giveaway 7 – 14 May.  New partnership “Leiston Together”, in need of a Chairman to take forward.  Suffolk Fire & Rescue raising awareness of the dangers near water.  Be aware of a dangerous new game on social media “Blue Whale” which encourages self-harm and to commit suicide!

SCC Andrew Reid his full report will be given at the Annual Parish Meeting.



Cllr Walker proposed Matt Roberts to continue as Chairman, he is happy to do so, seconded Cllr Beach.

Cllr Stuart proposed Tim Beach to continue as Vice Chairman, he is happy to do so, seconded Cllr James.


2   APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE. TJ Haworth-Culf SCDC & the Clerk Maureen Philpot.


3    DECLARATION OF INTERESTS.  Mike Hill – School.


4  ELECTION OF REPRESENTATIVES to represent the Parish Council  

a.  Playing Field Representatives.  Cllr Beach, Cllr James & Cllr Thurston.

b.  Website.  Cllr Walker, Cllr James and Cllr Rainger.                                         

c.  Treewarden.  Mr James Abbott is happy to continue.                              

d.  Planning.  The Chairman & Cllr Woodcock.                      

e . Emergency Planning. Cllr Beach & Cllr Rainger.  

f.  Finance.  Cllr James, Cllr Woodcock & Cllr Hough.  

g.  Footpaths.  Cllr Thurston.                                     

h.  Alde & Ore Estuary Planning.  The Chairman, Cllr Beach & Cllr Rainger. 

i.  Neighhbourhood Planning.  The Chairman & Cllr Woodcock.

j.  Allotments.  Cllr Walker.

k.  Village Hall Representative.  Cllr Hill.

l.  Village Recorder.  Mr Brian Boulton is happy to continue.

m.  School Representative.  Cllr Hill & Cllr Stuart.

n.  Highways & Traffic.  The Chairman & Vice Chairman.

o.  Sizewell.  Cllr Rainger. 

p.  SALC Area Meeting.  Cllr Rainger & Cllr Woodcock.

q.  Police.  Vice Chairman.

All the above representatives were approved, proposed Cllr Walker seconded Cllr Hill.



These were approved correct and signed by the Chair, proposed Cllr Hough seconded Cllr Woodcock.


6  MATTERS ARISING.   a.  Dog Fouling.  Cllr Thurston informed that she has looked at pricing for a new dog waste bin at the Gromford Lane/Wadd Lane crossroads.   SCDC would charge approx. £175.00 to supply & erect a new bin.  If the PC purchased a dog waste bin and erect themselves it would cost approx. £125.00.  It was agreed by all that the PC will purchase a bin and Cllr Beach offered to supply a post and to erect the bin.  If this is successful then the PC will consider purchasing more bins for around the village.



These were approved correct and signed by the Chair, proposed Cllr Woodcock seconded Cllr James.


8  MATTERS ARISING.   a.  Snape Maltings Development.

Confirmed that following the meeting at Snape Maltings on 18 April regarding the proposed carpark, the Parish Council statement which had been read out by the Vice Chairman at the meeting, has been forwarded to SCC and SCDC.  Harry Young and Roger Wright have said that a car park on the North side of the river is the only feasible option, but they will look at the other 3 options for an alternative carpark.  They are happy to talk with Tunstall regarding the alternatives.  Snape Parish Council is not offering to withdraw objections to a carpark on the North side of the river and need to understand what the 3 carpark proposal are for the Southside of the river.  The Vice Chairman proposes that the Parish Council forms a working group to be driven by the PC and to include village residents, Tunstall representatives and Maltings representatives and talk through all of the other planning proposals, plus traffic management on site and off site along with the carparking alternatives, agreed by all.  The Vice Chairman volunteered to head up the working group, suggests article in Ebb N Flow and website.  The Parish Council needs to be ready should a planning application be submitted by the Maltings and when this is the case let SCDC TJ Haworth-Culf and SCC Andrew Reid know.



The Chairman informed that due to Neil Parsons no longer being on the Parish Council, we must ensure that the Parish Council information on the website is kept upto date and correct.  The start time of PC meetings need to be amended to 7.30pm, he will request Neil to do so.  The website is a village website and is not run by the Parish Council, however the PC uses the website to advertise meetings, minutes and documents in accordance with the Transparency Code.  Training is needed by the PC website representatives so that they can keep relevant issues upto date.  The Vice Chairman proposed that Cllr Rainger contacts Neil Parsons to carry out training, seconded Cllr Hill.. 



The asset register needs to be updated for the year, ensure the pictures are included.  Cllr Thurston to try to locate the paperwork which formed an agreement with the Maltings to display the pictures there.  Cllr Beach will ask Brian Boulton if he has any information on the pictures.  Copywrite needs to be confirmed in case of future requests to advertise the pictures.

Asset register to be circulated to all for updating/approval at the next PC meeting.



Cllr James reported that she had attended an extremely worthwhile tour of the site at the Gt Blakenham recycling plant.  She suggests that a further visit could be planned for any interested Councillors to attend, agreed by all, she will get a date.



a.  Statement of accounts.  Bank balances as at 20 April 2017, Treasurer Account – £7,013.45,   Business Money Manager Account -£25,775.91, Ipswich Building Society – Traffic Calming £5,409.00.  Ipswich Building Society – Friday Club £341.66.

£5,000 school rent is due, Clerk to invoice the school.

b)  Payment for New Notice Board – £598.49

c)  Payment for Hedge Cutting – £168.00

d)  Clerks salary – £459.00

e)   Payment to HMRC – £115.00

f)  Grass Cutting, 3 invoices – £315.00

g)  SALC Membership – £243.65

h)   SALC Payroll service – £18.00

i)   AON Insurance renewal –  £654.23

The above payments were approved for payment by Cllr Stuart, seconded Cllr James.

Neville Smith to be thanked for making such a great job of the new notice board.

j)  Approval of End of Year Accounts 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017

In the Clerks absence Cllrs Thurston, James, Woodcock & Hough will meet on 31 May to look at the end of year accounts, these must be approved by the Parish Council ASAP.



Construction of a new garden room at The Cloisters, Priory Road – No objection from the PC



a.  to Co-opt a new Member onto the Parish Council. 

It had been hoped that the PC would have written applications to consider but these had not been passed to the PC in time for the meeting.  One member of the public present read out his application.  It was agreed by all to consider all the applications once they have been received and to hopefully come to a decision at the next PC meeting in July.

b.  Sarah Kennett, BBC Music Magazine. 

PC to invoice the above for the use of the images of the pictures displayed at the Maltings, and agreed an amount of £75.00. 

Proposed Cllr Beach seconded Cllr Hill.


c.  P E Grunning – Re Snape Maltings

Letter received from member of the public opposing the proposed car park at the Maltings.

d.  SARS – Elizabeth Berry to talk at the Annual Parish Meeting.  Tuesday 23 May, 7.00pm.

e.  Snape War Memorial

Cllr Woodcock  reported that he has sent off  a pre application for funding towards the cleaning and maintenance of the war memorial at the church.  Can expect a reply 8 – 10 weeks.


15  DATE OF NEXT MEETING.  Annual Parish Meeting Tuesday 23 May, 7.00pm. 

Parish Council meeting  Tuesday 11 July 2017, 7.30pm.


The meeting ended at 9.05pm.






Action Points

1.0    Chairman to forward the PC statement regarding the proposed carpark to SCC Highways department.  Vice Chairman to forward the statement to Tunstall PC.


2.6    Cllr Thurston to purchase a dog waste bin for Cllr Beach to erect at the Gromford Lane/Wadd Lane Junction. 


3.8    Working group to be formed re Malting proposed developments, Vice Chairman to head up, article in Ebb N Flow and website.


4.9    Chairman to contact Neil Parsons change start time of PC meetings from 7.00pm to 7.30pm.  Training on website needed for Russ, Marion & Mary.


5.10  Cllr Thurston to locate the paperwork which formed an agreement with the Maltings to display the pictures there.


6.11  Cllr James to arrange a date for a site visit to the Gt Blakenham recycling plant.


7.12  Clerk to invoice the school £5,000 for the rent which is now due.


8.14  Clerk to invoice the BBC music magazine, £75 re pictures.



Posted in Council Meeting Minutes.

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