«GDPR» is the The General Data Protection Regulation (2016), a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individual citizens of the EU and the European Economic Area.  Very briefly, this consumer law gives you the individual rights to control, in great detail, how much or little personal information you give out about yourself, and exactly where each piece of it can be or cannot be used.  GDPR is for your protection.
This page applies only to those people named (or to be named) on this website.
This is your authority to permit your name and personal details to appear here.
Technically, we are breaking the law if we make public your data without it.
You can choose whether to submit your GDPR privacy consents
on a physical form or online ...
To download a physical form, please click here.
You might want to do this, for example, for someone without internet access.
Full instructions for completion and return are on the form,
but before you do so, please read the NOTES in italics below, too long for the A4 form.
Alternatively, you can submit your data online here:
the NOTES below are to be read with the form.
On a phone, the GDPR form follows the NOTES.


Snape Village WEBSITE
Individual's GDPR Consent for information to be held (v1)

[The last two characters of your postcode are used only to differentiate you from someone else who might happen to have the same two initials.  For "My role" it is helpful to have a more descriptive term than "Contact", unless that really is the limit of your responsibility — even just "Organiser" is clearer, if you aren't (or don't aspire to be!) the "Chair".

The Webmaster is responsible for your personal data held on the website.  The ticks against your "data held by the Webmaster" should at least match those "Appearing on website" — but maybe add an extra tick against (say) your personal email or mobile number, in case we need to clarify anything with you.  This extra data will be securely kept, used only for such administrative one-to-one contact and certainly not made public.

Assume nothing.  For your protection, under GDPR rules we can't put (or leave) on the website what you don't specifically permit us to  — even if we happen to know it!  In the "consented personal data" box at the foot of the form, you can specify different details for each of the groups that you might be in — for example, your email address for one (where you might be the Secretary), but not for another (where you're just a committee member).

Submitting your details via this online form does not reveal your email address should you want it to remain completely confidential, as your response is sent from a Suffolk Online email service.]

● I hereby GIVE or DENY consent for the following information about me being displayed on the website www.snapevillage.info (and/or on its onesuffolk.net development site), and/or being held securely by the Webmaster solely for website administration.
● I am aware that the webpages are/will be in the public domain (apart from a few to be password-protected), and that the consented data may appear on the main “Contacts” webpage and/or on other pages, may appear only in part or may not appear at all.
● I realise that denying some items of personal data may adversely affect my ability to perform my particular role within the Organisation(s) that I represent.
● I do not have to give a reason for any denial of permission, and can expect my wishes to be honoured without question.  I understand that any personal data on the website, but for which I do not give permission, should be removed.
● If I deny both permissions to hold my name, I understand the form will be destroyed on receipt, in order to preserve my privacy.  At the same time, I can expect my name and any associated personal data to be completely removed from the website should it already be there.  However, I accept that any equivalent data already on the "old" website will remain, whilst its domain is still accessible, as it is no longer being maintained.
● Having taken the above points into consideration, my wish in respect of each item of personal data is indicated by a tick (=GIVE permission) or blank (=DENY permission) in the relevant box.

I know that I can change my consent at any time in respect of any one or more, or all, of these items of personal data, by sending another completed form to the Webmaster.  I accept that there might be some delay in changes being applied to the website by the Webmaster, but can expect them to be made as soon as reasonably possible.




Should you want a copy of what you're submitting,
we suggest you take a screenshot — or else just email the
Webmaster, whose contact details are at the foot of the "Contacts" page.

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