Calling all Groups and Businesses!

The mission of this website is to serve the whole Village, all its Residents (including those "across the water" in Snape Maltings), and formal or informal groups and "organisations" (in the widest sense of the term), by carrying notices of upcoming events and snippets of news.  It has been designed to accept text and images for immediate, reactive publication — by the groups themselves, if they wish.  The site is also to welcome Visitors to the area, and to advertise at a human level the Snape businesses who hope to serve them — and indeed us, the Residents.

The whole site, down to individual webpages, text and images can react to change and everyone's needs.  We suggest most groups limit the published email addresses or phone numbers of their committee members to maybe four (and two on the Contacts page), so that enquiries are directed to the key people.  You may need to confer about that, but subsequent adjustments can be easily, promptly made.  What's always most welcome is up-to-date news, exciting pictures and information on upcoming events.  If you are active in your organisation, you can have your own username to add copy/material yourself, or you may just prefer to forward it to the Webmaster to post online for you.  For all non-commercial groups, all is free.

If you are a commercial business, such as a B&B or self-catering enterprise, we can also offer you a link on the Accommodation page to your website (or email, social media, whatever), at least until the end of 2021 (when we might review).  That would be just for a nominal donation of £10.00 to our new Snape Good Neighbour Scheme, whose bank account details appear here.  Any subsequent changes you might want to your advertisement would be free of charge, and promptly implemented.  You will see too that the locations of most Snape businesses already appear on the new maps, as public information: any that are missing can be easily added. 


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