Please support our local businesses who are focussing on the local community whilst we hunker down.
Remember that they're suffering seriously from the absence of customers — both us and visitors from outside.
Additional local businesses are expected to join this page very soon — so keep visiting!
Menus, flyers and any updates will also be reproduced here as soon as they become available to us.
The key-letters refer to the Maps pages, from where their   f   facebook pages can be followed, if they have one.
Click instead on a picture below to visit the business's website.
ƒ: Friday Street Farm Shop   L: Ladybird Nurseries
They can provide a doorstep delivery service (for anyone
self-isolating or unable to get out) of bread, dairy, fresh fruit &
vegetables, meat and butchery, plus some convenience-style
items.  They are sorry, but can only accept card payments
over the phone — NOT COD.    ☏ 602 783
If you have no access to facebook, please click here.
  They are now closed to customers,
but are able to deliver any of their
nursery stock, for free, to
residents in the village.
☏ 688 289
Snape Motor Company have offered a vehicle and driver to our Good Neighbour Scheme to "help the elderly and vulnerable people in the community get their essentials at a time when this may otherwise be difficult for them" — read more about it here
☞  If your local business is offering "over and above" just now, and you wish to be featured here, please contact the Webmaster.