Suffolk Coastal Councillors Report for September 2016

Report from Cllrs TJ Haworth-Culf & M Jones. The summer break was once again been a busy period for the Council, with some important projects in the pipeline which are to be discussed at Cabinet. Cabinet – Tuesday 6 September New conservation area: A paper was discussed at Cabinet to look at the proposals which […]

Suffolk County Council Newsletter – September 2016

Suffolk County Council Newsletter – September 2016 Devolution outcomes considered by Norfolk and Suffolk Leaders The outcomes of the Norfolk and Suffolk Devolution consultation was considered by council leaders on Wednesday 7 September, ahead of submission to the Secretary of State. Throughout the consultation period, councils and the New Anglia LEP engaged with a wide […]

Speeding through Snape

Speeding through Snape remains an important safety issue. The Parish Council bought VAS devices last year which indicate speed to drivers to help persuade them to drive responsibly within the limit, but these systems also record traffic speed. Unfortunately we have had some technical issues concerning the battery life of the signs, however we expect them to be […]

Report a pothole

As you walk or drive around the area you may notice potholes or other issues in the roads. There is an easy and quick way to report potholes online by using the Suffolk County Council Highways Reporting Tool. The Reporting Tool allows you to report a new defect and monitor the status of existing reports.       Do not report a pothole […]

Annual Parish Accounts Year ended 31 March 2016

Snape Parish Council Annual Parish Accounts BANK RECONCILIATION YEAR ENDED 31 MARCH 2016 Balance per bank statements: Current Account £2,396.85 Business Money Manager £5,764.43 Ipswich Building Society – Friday Club £341.49 Ipswich Building Society – Traffic Calming £5,410.47 Petty Cash £56.43 Balance Per Cash Book £13,969.67 Less un-presented cheques: 101095 £38.20 101099 £153.60 101100 £252.26 […]

County Councillor’s report for Snape 2016

The following County Council report was presented by Councillor Andrew Reid to Snape Annual Parish Meeting, May 2016 Suffolk County Council Annual Review 2015- 2016 SCC freezes Council Tax for sixth year in a row SCC’s share of council tax is to be frozen for a sixth year in a row. This means that Suffolk […]

District Councillor’s report for Snape 2016

Snape Annual Meeting Ward Report – 2015/16 Overview of Suffolk Coastal District Council key challenges and achievements 2015/1 as presented at Snape Annual Parish meeting, May 2016 As always, planning keeps us very busy, if you have a planning matter (or any other matter) that we can help you with please do get in touch. […]

Community Enabling Roadshows 2016

Suffolk Coastal & Waveney Community Enabling Roadshows 2016 Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Council would like to invite you to attend one of our roadshow events to explore how we can enable local communities to develop local networks to address local issues independently. Presentations will be provided by some of the local community groups to […]

Parish Council donation for Snape School

Snape Parish council has voted to donate £3737 to Snape school. This donation was made possible by a recent change to the lease for the school which is owned by Snape Parish Council and leased to Suffolk County Council. The school had previously been leased at a peppercorn rent but now this has been changed to provide an income of £5000 per annum to the […]