Annual Parish meeting minutes


Minutes of the Annual Parish meeting held on Tuesday 23 May 2017, 7.00 pm, in the village hall.

Present: Cllr Tim Beach – Vice-Chairman, Cllr Graham Woodcock, Cllr Mike Hill,  

Cllr Marion Walker, Cllr Bill Hough, Cllr Melanie Thurston, Cllr Mary James & Cllr Helen Stuart. 

In Attendance:   SCDC TJ Haworth-Culf, SCDC Maureen Jones, SCC Andrew Reid and 5 members of the public.



1.     APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE.  Chairman – Matt Roberts, Cllr Russell Rainger & The Clerk Maureen Philpot.



In February SCC agreed its budget for 2017/18, freeze on council tax for the 8th year.  Funding for adult social care is being reviewed over the next 6/9 months.  Suffolk ranked at the top in GCSE results.  60% with grade C and above.  89% of schools rated good or better by Offsted. 

Continuing to improve roads, £10 million has been spent on resurfacing roads in Suffolk.  New techniques for repairing pot holes, hopes for better results.  SCC & SCDC want a lasting legacy out of Sizewell C, a consultation process is under way, the government has given

£1 million to put a business case together for a 4 village bypass.  £25/35 million may be given by government to help fund a 2 village bypass.

The Vice-Chairman thanked Councillor Reid for his support with the VAS signs.  However he finds it extremely difficult to get the issues of pot holes fixed in the village and he has pointed this out to SCC David Chenery.  Councillor Reid would be delighted to help with the problem of reporting pot holes.

Cllr Hough questioned if a 4 villages bypass would be adequate for Sizewell C?  Cllr Reid informed that the current road is inadequate and the need to make a case around a new road and a better connection for our towns eg.  4 village bypass or D2 (south of Saxmundham, north of Benhall).



She thanked the Parish Council for all the work it has done for the village along with village organisations and groups.

Gave thoughts to those affected by the recent event in Manchester.

Tour of Britain coming to Suffolk Coast on September 8.  Suffolk Armed Forces Weekend, 24/25 volunteers needed.   Suffolk Walking Festival, 3 weeks of exploring Suffolk will be launched 13 May.  Open air cinemas during the summer from 29 June.  Leiston to benefit from more initiative health projects in the community.  New partnership “Leiston Together”, in need of a Chairman to take forward.  Suffolk Fire & Rescue raising awareness of the dangers near water.  Be aware of a dangerous new game on social media “Blue Whale” which encourages self-harm and to commit suicide!

Recent cyber attack on 12 May, take care and be vigilant when opening emails.

SCDC Maureen Jones  suggests that it is a constant problem with Highways issues and is a general problem all around.  CC any Highways issue emails to Cllr Haworth-Culf.

The Vice Chairman thanked them both for the funding given for the tennis court.  They will be happy to help with further funding when the playing field committee installs lighting.



The minutes were approved correct and signed by the Vice Chairman, proposed Cllr Stuart seconded Cllr Hill.


5.  MATTERS ARISING.  a. Update on Traffic calming/Vehicle Activated Signs.

The Vice Chairman informed that the 2 new battery operated signs are working much better than the old signs.  The new signs have been positioned slightly differently.  They also record data of the speed of vehicles travel.  2 further signs to be purchased, to be erected on the Farnham Road in June, these will be mains operated.

Village resident reported that tractors and large farm machinery still speed down the hill.  Vice Chairman has reported this on many occasions.  Suggest a speed watch group to capture who the contractors are.  12 people are needed to set up a group before a hand held speed gun can be purchased. Tunstall has indicated that they may wish to share the cost of a speed gun.  Yoxford could also be asked to share with the group.


6.  GUEST SPEAKER – Elizabeth Berry from The Suffolk Accident Rescue Services, talk about the work the Rescue Service carries out in the Community.

Elizabeth thanked the Parish Council for its past donations.  She informed that she is a volunteer speaker and administrator for the charity.  When a member of the public makes a 999 call for an ambulance the critical care desk decides on the immediate care provider eg.  Ambulace, Air Ambulance or SARs.  SARs will deliver the same level of care as the ambulance service.  The Charity provides care at pre hospital emergencies and has undertaken 17,000 calls since 1972.  There are 30 volunteers who include Doctors, paramedics, critical care paramedics, all the work they give is for free.  They also undertake major incident training.  Has worked with schools/colleges offering free CPR training.  Financial donations are most welcomed and help to pay for the following; portable monitors, defibrillators, ECG.  Airway suction device, Thomas back pack, intravenous access equipment, automatic CPR machine and a new critical care team car.   There is a turn over of £170,000 and 68% of this is spent on new kit.


7.  CLERKS REPORT – Maureen Philpot

The Vice Chairman read out the report in her absence;

Bank balances as at 20 April 2017, Treasurer Account – £7,013.45,   Business Money Manager Account -£25,775.91, Ipswich Building Society – Traffic Calming £5,409.00.  Ipswich Building Society – Friday Club £341.66.


8. CHAIRMANS REPORT – Matt Roberts

The Vice Chairman read out the report in his absence;

Thanked all those on the PC and specifically Maureen Philpot the clerk for their efforts throughout the year, and the villagers that have made the effort to come to our meetings and contribute.

One of the main events for me this year was when the emergency plan was swung into action.   It validated all the hard work we had put in over the past 3 years, and its relative success was reflected in some level of media interest and potential changes to Council policies.

Traffic calming – VAS the mains powered system was finally agreed after a number of meetings over 6 months and 150 plus emails with Highways.   We now have a much more reliable and effective system in place.

 Vas on the A 1094.   Posts have been erected, Power supply is due week 29th May, with the signs ordered and due to be fitted shortly after that.   Signs £5880, Power supply £2,274….total £8154  

SIDs in village £7560, so total spend £15,714 inc VAT     We can reclaim VAT   £3142

We are now able to download data which logs the time and speed of every vehicle.   An average 3000 vehicles pass through the village every day.   The last download showed vehicles averaging 30.5mph during peak hours, but 38mph between 10pm and 3 am.    We will be re-sighting one of the VAS to the end of Priory road, so we can check if there is an increase in speed going downhill.

All very useful to back our demand for extra measures.  We would be keen on addressing the Snape crossroads to at least have a left filter, but plan for having a proper survey carried out.   The main concern isn’t necessarily just a potential increase in SM traffic, but also the village becoming a back route when Sizewell C is being constructed. On that point the PC did respond to the Sizewell C consultation amongst others earlier in the year.

Planning – The Chair attended day conferences, which encompassed planning issues, and creating a neighbourhood plan.

We were informed that it would be a powerful tool to ensure the community gets the right types of development, and has legal force.  The situation as reported on last year remains the same with the standing of the neighbourhood plan not entirely resolved.   Any “enabling development plan” for funding river and coastal defence would over-ride anything we have in place.  The amount of effort and potential cost make it unrealistic for Snape in the view of the Chair at this point. However, the idea of getting all the residents together….as you’ve done previously, to consider writing a wider village plan which encompasses planning and a wider range of village issues as  we have done in the past is to be recommended.

Maltings Masterplan – This has been an issue which has caused a good deal of anxiety within the village. In response to the concerns we carried out a survey of views in the village through a confidential questionnaire in April 2017. There were over 100 responses altogether, many of which reflected the views of a household rather than a single individual. In excess of 100 people attended a special meeting on the 18th April to discuss the issue at the village hall. The overwhelming majority, around 98%, were against in sighting of a car park on the north bank even if visual and environmental mitigation was carried out. The PC formally recorded its opposition to the car park plan for the marsh directly to the Maltings as well as SCC and SCDC. The PC, at the meeting on the 9th May 2017, agreed to form a small working group representative of the village to engage with the Maltings and look at the range of alternative sites together with other related issues such as wider traffic management.

Cambridge University Archaeology Department Test Pit Dig – On the 7th and 8th May 2016 the University as part of a Heritage Lottery funded project (Turning the Tide) organised with the PC just over 20 test pit excavations around the village which were started and completed over the weekend by residents and volunteers. The results which were formally reported in July 2016 identified a number of interesting sites in the village with finds reflecting many hundreds of years of continuous occupation. The report is on the village website.



Reports from village organisations.  These were displayed for all to see and will also be put on the village website.


Cllr Stuart – School, further to the previous critical Offsted report, the school is now moving positively forward and is back on track.  New Maths and English specialist teachers have been recruited.  Currently 41 pupils (want to increase numbers).   A possible pre school building project for the future and there will need to be fund raising generally and Sizewell is one of the options.  100 years marks the death of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson who gifted the school to the parish.


Cllr Woodcock – Snape Church, hopeful of a new vicar this year.  Approval has been received from SCDC for a small extension to the north side of the church which will incorporate a toilet, kitchen and storage area. Therefore the Church would be used for other activities.  The church needs to raise fund for this.


Jan Rogers – Snape WI, informed that they will make a donation to SARs and have also made donations to other organisations within the village.  The Vice Chairman thanked the WI for the donation given to the playing field committee.


Vice Chairman – Village Plan, informed that since the plan was carried out in 2008 a lot of the issues raised then have been addressed eg.  traffic management, footpath/pavement to Snape Maltings and to the School.  It is positive what the village has done to date, he suggests that the parish could look at doing another village plan and to let the village think about this.  However a village plan will be put on hold until it is clear what the Snape Maltings plans are for future developments. 


Vice Chairman – Snape Maltings Master Plan, reported that he has had no contact with the Maltings since the public meeting there last month.  He has met up with “Green Snape” who opposes the car park and has encouraged that they form a group with the Parish Council to discuss the alternatives to the proposed car park. 


Cllr Hill – Emergency Plan, he congratulated the Vice Chairman and his team for all their work with the emergency plan, which was put into practice earlier this year when a high tide could have flooded the village.


The meeting ended at approx.  8.35pm.

Date of next meeting, 11 July 2017.


Thanks to Brian Boulton for putting on a film show which was enjoyed at the end of the evening.

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