Email from Tony and Erica Bound

Dear Matt

I was at The Parish Council meeting on Tuesday and thank you for giving Snape residents so much time to air our views, but once the formal meeting was under way I was unable to contribute the following—–

I do not see that it is realistic on the one hand to support the Maltings development proposal but on the other to object to the likely increase in traffic.  One will not happen without the other.  The location of the car park will not change the increase in volume of traffic through the village.  It is my view that as a community we either support the plan except for the car park location, accepting there will be an increase in traffic, or we oppose the plan in its entirety because wherever the car park is sited the increase in trafffic is unacceptable.

It is now also a matter of 0n-the-street debate that there will be a sizeable loss of income for those providing accommodation in the area because it is unlikely that the proposed 100 bed places will only be used for visiting performers, orchestras and students.  At the information meeting Harry gave a figure of £300,000 being spent annually on accommodation at the moment.  Increasing the commercial activity on the site will also reduce the spending elsewhere in the locality.  A typical example is a suggested cycle business which will be in competition with a new business in Saxmundham and an existing cycle hire business in the area.  The counter-argument will be that the development will provide 75 full-time equivalent jobs, adding close to £1,000,000 to the local economy – but I would take that as a “selling the project” figure.

I assume also that  the Malting will have complete control of how many cars can be parked on the existing site and when “overflow” is required.  This was a question no one was prepared to answer at the consultation meeting.

If the delivery of leaflets regarding the next public meeting becomes a problem (too late for Ebb and Flow) my partner and I would be prepared to devote a couple of days to delivering the notices, thus making sure that everyone in the village has the same opportunity to make their views known.

Tony (Bound)

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