Bee in Snape Woodland’s Pollinators Project!

wildflowers pollinator

If you have a little spare time and would like to help improve your local environment why not join Snape Woodland Group as a volunteer? We only meet occasionally, but we would like some help to develop our new publicly accessible woodland which, over the last few years, has evolved from a barren field of mud to a lovely flourishing young woodland that attracts a wide range of wild flowers, birds and animals. We would like to develop the site further, reinstate the pond that sadly dried up, and make the site even more attractive to wildlife.

bumble-beeSuffolk Coasts and Heaths

Last year we planted a number of fruiting trees as part of Suffolk Coast & Heaths ‘Scattered Orchards’ project and as a follow on to that we have now joined their ‘Pollinator Patches’ project. This important initiative aims to grow nectar rich plants in selected sites to help support our declining bee and pollinator population. We will be supported by trained volunteers who will help survey our site to determine the best pollinator plants to use and where to put them, after which they will provide the selected seeds, plugs bulbs or trees for us to plant.

If you would be interested in helping us with Pollinator Patches, or perhaps through occasional site maintenance such as trimming grass and hedges, planting trees, identifying wild flowers or perhaps raising some funds please contact either Neil Parsons or Brian Boulton Perhaps, if you have recently moved to the area, this could be something for you! We would love to hear from you

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