100418 Caravan security advice following theft

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Police are urging caravan owners to take simple steps to secure their caravans, after one was stolen at the end of March at Sternfield.

The incident took place at some point between Tuesday 27 March at 7pm and Wednesday 28 March at 10am at a site on Sandy Lane. Despite the caravan having a lock attached to it, this was broken and the caravan was removed by being dragged across fields. It was located and recovered a few days later in Bedfordshire.

Sgt Brian Calver from the Rural Crime Team police said: “As we enter spring time it’s the time of year when  more caravans are going to be used so I would urge users/owners to be vigilant.

“My advice for owners would be to ensure the caravan is kept locked and secured by a decent lock which is ‘Secure by Design’ rated.   People should also ensure security markings are recorded and photos of the caravan taken. If possible, they should park them under lit areas and consider CCTV.

“I would strongly urge all owners to have tracking devices fitted, as these can result in prompt recovery, which was the case for the one stolen last week. The cost of a tracking device can easily be balanced against the cost of a replacement caravan.”

Other useful tips to consider include: 

-Use locking wheel nuts and a good quality clamp on the wheels

-Not to leave expensive personal belongings inside and ensure they lock them on site when out for the day also. If out for the evening, consider leaving a light and or radio on, to make the place look occupied.

-Consider the use of shed alarms which are relatively inexpensive easily available at hard ware stores yet provide a good deterrent.

Site owners, are urged to review their site security and consider such things as CCTV, barriers, lighting, ditches around the perimeter to prevent access via fields, regular patrols around the site, particularly after dark to ensure security is maintained. If anybody wants any advice on security for their site, they can contact me or any caravan dealership where they will be able to advise accordingly.

If anyone sees any suspicious activity on a caravan site they should try and obtain descriptions and vehicle registrations.

For further useful tips please visit Suffolk Constabulary website: https://www.suffolk.police.uk/sites/suffolk/files/caravan_security.pdf

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